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Yarn Dying With Kool-Aid Tutorial

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on December 2, 2014, no comments

Okay.  I LOVE food.  But…I’m going to be the first one to admit it right now – I’m a tiny bit over food right now – I mean.  It was  JUST Thanksgiving.   Instead, I thought I’d show you how to dye yarn with Kool-Aid.  < WHAAT?! Yes..It is SO easy! Plus, it’s December – which […]

Total Shameless Plug… < New Earrings on my Etsy Shop!

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on July 12, 2014, no comments

Did you guys know that I sell crafty things on an Etsy Shop?  < Don’t feel bad if you didn’t.  I haven’t been adding new stock for a while.  Over Christmas my stock turned over four times in two weeks and I was a wee bit overwhelmed.  I stocked everything back up after Christmas and then stopped […]

The Fall Bug Has Bit

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on August 7, 2013, no comments

Today was a rainy August day. And my brain turned on fall-overdrive. First, I made this chili by PPK…and oh wow. It is amazing. Nathan described it as a ‘collision between Vegetable Thai Soup and Chili’ and to me, that is a perfect combination. The only modifications we made were: We used full fat coconut […]

I Like Oatmeal. And I Have Somewhere To Hang Clothes.

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on April 18, 2012, no comments

I have always wanted to like oatmeal.  Seriously.  I long to enjoy eating it.  But I have never been able to.  There was always just something ‘off’ about it. Until now. About two weeks ago I stumbled upon this on Pinterest:   A recipe for oatmeal in a mason jar.  Since mason jars are apparently […]

2011 can be Officially Titled ‘The Year of Change and Surprises’.

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on December 31, 2011, 3 comments

As of yesterday I was determined not to do this.  I did not want to recap 2011 in some big, wide open blog post.  It felt vulnerable , and scary.  It’s not as if remembering the events will bring up some sort of emotion that I have not had to already face this year, because […]

A reflection on November

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on December 2, 2011, no comments

(Dear Alison Cosker – I pre-apologize for all of my spelling and grammatical errors.  Please start a list of them and I will correct them in the morning) I have had ‘write a blog update’ on my to-do list for about a month now.  And by ‘about a month’ I mean literally a month, because […]

Sewing, and adventures such as that.

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on August 21, 2011, no comments

The world around here has continued to spin, not always perfectly straight, but lets just say we are still going around the sun! The wedding planning is going excellent.  Nathan and I have been attending marriage counseling, and were ‘approved’ to be married officially this afternoon! May 19th, 2012 it is! 🙂 In the meantime, […]

Yarn Dyeing, Knitting, Running & Other Distractions

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on July 30, 2011, no comments

In February of this year, on a total whim, I began knitting.  I was months away from graduation, and going crazy.  I needed a simple, productive escape.  And so began my obsession. From February until May I knitted everything I could get my hands on.  I give it, and Nathan, the majority of the credit for getting […]

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