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Thinking Out Loud Thursday : 08/20/2015

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on August 20, 2015, 2 comments

Each week Amanda [Running with Spoons] hosts Thinking Out Loud Thursday. A chance for us to do some brain-dump blogging. And to hang out with fun people.

thursdaysHi Friends! I’ve missed you guys! 🙂 I hope everyone has been doing well! 

1 – Things around here are going fairly well.  We’re still sinking in to what this “New Normal” looks like – but each day is getting better, and more life-like.  We’re currently working on what our next steps look like – since our life plans have most certainly changed.  New plans have somedays involved selling everything we own, buying an RV and traveling North America.  These are super baby small thoughts right now.  It changes every day.  More to come on that (hopefully) soon.  

2 – A few weeks ago Nathan and I went on a long hike.  Three years ago this would have seemed like no big deal, because we were going on these hikes (and longer ones) every weekend.  But then life got in the way, and then Nathan got sick.  During our hike a few weeks back we had some major reflections on how much as changed, how much we’ve been through, and how we’ve come out on top.  It was awesome to reflect – now that we’re – hopefully – on the other side of the past year. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 10.57.33 AM

Three years ago


A few weeks ago :)

3 – Uhm.  Have we aged a lot or does that recent picture just have bad coloring?! 😉 We might be getting old.  

4 – Work has also been going well.  While the local university was on summer break I took a liking to working in their library.  It was all fun and games until the students came back… IMG_20150715_1054555 – The return of The Students also means that Fall is quickly approaching.  Which I am SUPER excited about.  I’ve been celebrating by drinking a lot of hot tea.  Wait.  I did that all summer too 😛 IMG_20150731_162340

6 – Fall also means Flannel Shirts.  Erm.  Not that I’ve still been wearing those or anything… (oh geez.  This is actually the second flannel shirt picture in this short post).  IMG_20150708_0741587 – I have also been utterly obsessed with daiya’s new mac and cheese – it is SUPER delicious, extra creamy, and vegan AND gluten free.  They don’t sell it anywhere nearby, but every time I spot it I have been stocking up on it.  They mastered the “this tastes just like velveta without making my stomach hurt for days” flavor.  🙂 

IMG_20150710_185800And did I mention it is ultra creamy?  For real.  Give it a try.  IMG_20150710_1931518 – Did anyone else notice my chaco tan in those pictures?  It’s gotten fairly intense over the past month or so (I promise my feet aren’t actually dirty).  Probably means it is time to switch back to socks.  For Fall, and all.  🙂   I have recently finished these striped socks, and have started on another pair – which I seem to be at a loss for pictures of.  In due time.  Perhaps when I finally write another blog post in 5 weeks.  #Fail IMG_20150725_113605 9 – Until then… 🙂 IMG_20150721_133104

P.S. – 

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