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What I Ate Wednesday : 04/29/2015

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on April 29, 2015, no comments

The calendar may say it is the end of April, but the weather feels like early November + my head cold has decided that it is Winter.  I promise not to sneeze on you.  Let’s talk about eats!

Breakfast Part One: IMG_20150427_071807I’ve been working on my digestion + a calmer morning routine.  Since I started working from home, I no longer have to race out of the house each morning, however, my morning routine of rush-rush-SLURPDOWNASMOOTHIE-rush-rush had not changed.  I’ve decided to attempt at better mornings, by starting them with piping hot water + lemon juice + honey + ginger.  It is lovely, because it can’t be drank quickly, plus – hot lemon water does wonders for your digestion.  

Breakfast Part 2 – IMG_20150427_072041With the new morning routine I’ve been drinking my smoothie about mid-morning, or whenever I start to feel more hungry after the belly of lemon-water.  This has gotten me in trouble a few days – where I get caught up in work and don’t get to it before I’m HANGRY.  But – I’ve been trying to have it drank before 930am.  Trying.  This was a pb&j smoothie, I think?

Lunch Part 1 – By the time lunch time rolled around it was pretty obvious that the scratchy throat I’d woken up with was going to be a sore throat, and that my head and chest congestion were soon following.  I ate some leftover cashew-pad-thai from the night before.  Plus orange juice.  Plus airborne.  Plus, I couldn’t taste anything, so it doesn’t really count, right?!

Lunch Part 2 – IMG_20150427_155449I decided that perhaps getting out of the house would help me feel better (it didn’t).  So I walked down to Panera to work for the afternoon.  There I enjoyed their Garden Vegetable soup (which may have a bit of gluten AND dairy in it).  This soup is my new favorite, and Panera is a great + close escape for the stir-crazy afternoons working at home.  

Dinner: IMG_20141214_090145I grabbed a quick pizza with my Mum, after which, I was feeling positively snotty-filled and terrible.  I settled in at home with a large glass of peppermint tea and wallowed on the couch until bedtime.  Uhm.  My tea wasn’t in a Christmas mug as pictured above, but, it was 30 degrees outside, so this seemed like an appropriate representation. 

Apparently my meal-photo-taking-skills are even poorer when I’m under the weather.  So sorry! I will talk to you guys soon 🙂 

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