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Thinking Out Loud Thursday : 4/16/2015

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on April 16, 2015, 6 comments

Each week Amanda [Running with Spoons] hosts Thinking Out Loud Thursday. A chance for us to do some brain-dump blogging. And to hang out with fun people.

thursdaysHey! Hey! Is the world still there?! All we’ve seen this week is FOG.  For reals.  Rain.  Fog.  Rain.  Fog.  REPEAT.  < Spring Time! 

1 – Do you need your daily dose of CUTE! Okay.  I can oblige 🙂 IMG_20150411_155915Heeeeey Nephew!  (Arrested Development Nerds out there?!)  We spent some quality time Saturday with this cute little one.  (Oh, and his parents too, they’re great as well).  Baby snuggles are basically the best thing ever.  

2 – Speaking of Saturday.  We were celebrating two family birthdays (my husband and my sister in law’s birthdays are BOTH on the 12th!), so I made CAKE!  I decided to make a yellow cake and a red velvet cake (because everyone needs CAKE!).  I baked the cakes Friday afternoon and put them on the counter to cool, and then returned to working.  About 5 minutes later I heard a THUD-THUD of a little cat jumping off the counter.  < And my heart dropped.  I went walking into the kitchen and this is what I saw: IMG_20150410_160059You see that hole in the cake?!  That’s the size of our cats head.  Because he ATE THE CAKE.  Now, I’d like to say that this was a total surprise and I would have had no way of predicting this.  But…the likes cake.  A few years ago he downed an angel food cake.  And cake donuts?  His favorite.  And, as I know cats shouldn’t eat human food, a diabetic cat should REALLY not eat half a sheet cake.  We luckily stayed out of the emergency vet with this adventure, but he did have a few days of feeling pitiful.  Oh.  AND I had to bake a second cake.  Oy.  

3 – In order to ignore the rain, let’s talk about being outside.  Because last week was Summer Time.  And it was awesome.  IMG_20150412_121538I spent MOST of Sunday outside.  I went on a nice lake run (^ there), and then my friend asked me to go on a walk.  6.5 miles later, we were feeling great, and just a bit sunburnt.  Sunshine feels amazing, and I’m glad I soaked up a big dose of it!

4 – Working from home has also lent itself to more outside time during the day.  I enjoyed some afternoon runs last week.  Coming back home and not having to worry about putting back on work clothes? #BestThingEverIMG_20150409_144946Although, I did have a total first world meltdown last week when I decided to go on a walk on #CleanHairDay.  Totally ruined clean hair.  #FirstWorldProblem

5 – Today I’m chilling (watching it rain), and pretending I’m not super sleepy.  Nathan and I decided (at 9pm) last night to rearrange our second bedroom/office.  We decided to switch Nathan’s desk and my desk.  While there was A LOT of stuff to move, it surprisingly didn’t take too terrible long.  (Other than the huge pile of stuff that still doesn’t have a home).  (Ignore that pile, okay?!).  I don’t have pictures yet, because it’s still kind of a war zone, but.  New office setup.  Loving it.  Does anyone else decide to rearrange their house late at night?!

Okay.  Tired brain.  Rainy day.  🙂 I’ll talk to you guys later! 


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6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday : 4/16/2015

  1. Oh, cats are hilarious. We recently adopted another cat, to make it 2 total, at my mother’s house. His name is Aries, he is about 3 years old and we got him from the shelter. He’s such a mess…but an adorable mess.Today I walked in on him walking on the kitchen counter and snacking on my mother’s leftovers on her dinner plate. Our other cat doesn’t even attempt to get on counters so we weren’t expecting it. Ha! He’s learning.

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