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What I Ate Wednesday : 04/01/2015

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on April 1, 2015, 6 comments

This week I’m starting to feel just a bit better.  Thank you for the love and hugs last week 🙂 You guys are the bestest.  Let’s talk about FOOD! Here are Monday’s eats.  Monday was my last day working late hours.  Super happy to be back on a normal schedule! 🙂

Breakfast:IMG_20150330_093523PB&J Smoothie.  Grey Shirt.  Grey socks.  It was a gross grey day!

Lunch:IMG_20150330_115701Sweet potato peanut butter soup! SO GOOD!  Recipe coming soon!

Lunch Part 2:IMG_20150330_134116 IMG_20150330_134659Around 3pm I had lunch-part-2 – Another bowl of soup < YES + OJ + some chips.  Random, but delicious. 


IMG_20150330_201128Japanese Vegetable Plate + Udi’s cupcakes.  < Those Cupcakes ARE SO GOOD! They “accidentally fell in my cart” 🙂 at the store the other day.  SO GOOD.  

Alright folks! I hope you are all doing well! I will talk to you tomorrow for Thinking Out Loud Thursday! 🙂 

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