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Stand Up Desk – 1 year later!

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on February 10, 2015, 4 comments

Okay.  So for real I will be the first to admit that I had no ambition that I’d still be working from a stand up desk one.freakin.year.later.  It’s pretty crazy, right?!

I first converted my office desk to a stand up desk in February of 2014.  You can read all about that post by clicking here. At the time I didn’t have the ability to purchase a new desk (well – my company didn’t ;)) – so I worked with what I had.  I added a shelf on top of the desk (which was still at the seated height), and then I took the doors off of the hutch of the desk and tucked my monitors inside.  Trust me.  They fit with no room at all to spare.  I also added an anti fatigue mat under my feet – which I adore, and it really helps with my feet feeling as awesome as the rest of me at the end of the day!

Make Real Food - Stand Up Desk - How ToThis stand up desk stayed in this exact form until two weeks ago when I left this job.  It worked so well for me, and really made me feel awesome.  

In January 2015 when I took a new position working from home, I knew I wanted a stand up desk still.  As I worked on designing my space, the stand up desk became the top priority.  Now that I’m (mostly) settled into the new job and the new office, I wanted to share my new setup! I have made a video for you guys with all the details of the new office.  …But first… how am I feeling about the stand up desk, 1 whole year later?  Spoiler alert: It’s still awesome. Work from Home stand up desk setup - MakeRealFood.comLet’s look at the pros and cons.  I’ll admit, I am stealing a lot of these from my post last February.  But they’re still so so true.  I have edited them for the new adventure – working from home. 


  • I feel more energized and less sluggish throughout the day, but certainly at the end of the work day
  • I wiggle, walk around, and generally move more during the day.  This is a huge plus for working at home – it’s super easy to not move around very much at all when you don’t leave the house.  At least I am getting some wiggles out šŸ™‚ 
  • I (still!) find myself doing less distracted-filler tasks.  When I’m not all cozy hunched down in my chair, pinterest isn’t as exciting
  • My posture is much better.  When I’m standing, at least.  I have terrible sitting posture.  At least now I’m not spending 8 hours a day hunched over.
  • My back and neck do not hurt at all.  I have shoulder pain, neck pain and lower back pain when I sit all day.  Now that isn’t
  • I get to tell people it’s really really awesome to work from a stand up desk šŸ™‚ 
  • I pee more?  Sorry if that is TMI ā€“ but have you ever been sitting for a long time and suddenly move and realize you have to pee really bad?  When Iā€™m standing, I feel the need almost immediately, and am able to go.  (Because standing while needing to pee is unpleasant).  So much healthier for my poor-not-awesome-at-working-always-like-and-enjoy-making-stones kidneys.
  • Jello – leg – days and Mondays.  Hilarious – this was in my “Cons” last year.  You know that super sluggish feeling on Monday mornings?  After about an hour of stand-up-desk it goes away for me šŸ™‚  I also used to HATE standing after a big workout day when I had jello-ish-legs.  Now I am grateful that I move, wiggle, and use my leg muscles, because it means less soreness at the end of the day!


  • Figuring out the perfect (fairly cheap) set up for the new home stand up desk wasn’t easy.  There are really really expensive stand up desks.  And then there are a lot of hacks.  I had really limited space.  Once I figured it out – it has been awesome.  But there were a few days of extreme frustration while I worked on it
  • If I stop standing for a few days (feel sick, get injured, etc) it takes me about a week to get used to standing and concentrating again.  Over the summer I had to have a procedure done and I didn’t stand for a few weeks.  I felt like I had to totally reset my training.  
  • There is a learning curve.  As I mentioned above – concentrating while standing up isn’t easy.  You have retrain yourself to do it.  When I worked in an office with others, standing made it super easy to get distracted and walk away.  I felt like I was constantly “stopping by” my office, and never settling in to tasks.  After about 2 weeks of making myself concentrate, that went away.  Don’t get discouraged.  Push through.
  • It is really difficult for me to sit for long periods now.  Be it…a car ride, a plane, a long movie or meeting…my back and neck suffer.  I also just get sick of sitting. 

Okay! So there it is – how I feel after 1 whole year of standing while I work.  Are you ready to see the new office?! Tour below…



 List of items mentioned in the youtube video description šŸ™‚ 

Do you work from a standup desk?  I’d love to hear about it šŸ™‚ 

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