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What I Ate Wednesday : 1/21/2015

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on January 21, 2015, 2 comments

So here is the scenario.  It’s Tuesday night.  I decide to write my WIAW post.  Uh.  I’ve only taken one food picture all week.  Oh.  And…my eyes are dilated.  So I can’t even really see what I’m typing right now.  This is going to be stellar quality right here.  

Tuesday Morning I made this smoothie: IMG_20150120_072426It’s been a while since I had a green smoothie.  They’re delicious and wonderful and all things like that, but it is Winter.  And I am cold.  All The Time. But…I woke up from post-birthday-celebrations (which was just dinner. :)) and I wanted a green smoothie.  Maybe I’m older and wiser now. 

But…I of course – had no green smoothie making materials in the house.  Only frozen spinach.  No fruit – other than dates.  

We’d think that this would cause a tragedy.  But instead…a delicious smoothie was born.

The salted caramel green smoothie.  It had: soy milk + water because it wasn’t blending well, frozen spinach, peanut butter, dates, a pinch of salt and cinnamon and a splash of vanilla.  Oh man.  It was fantastic.  And it kept me sooo full right up until lunch time!  

Green smoothies…why do I always desert you?!

Lots of life changes coming.  More on that tomorrow.  

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