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Thinking Out Loud Thursday : 1/1/2015

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on January 1, 2015, 2 comments

Each week Amanda [Running with Spoons] hosts Thinking Out Loud Thursday. A chance for us to do some brain-dump blogging. And to hang out with fun people.


1 – Uh…I may start numbering my posts again?  Because..Numbers.

2 – Oh hey! It’s 2015! When did that happen?! If you’re looking for my “what was 2014 like” post…it came out on Tuesday.  Readers digest version: It was decent, challenging, and I’m fine with seeing it end.  

3 – I am supposed to use pictures at some point in these posts, aren’t I?  

4 – *Goes and looks for pictures.  Gets majorly distracted.  

5 – Maybe the numbers are a bad idea?

6 – Oh yeah! Christmas Presents! I got some pretty new shoes 🙂 They are VivoBarefoot brand.  Love them.  Also pretty partial to the mug I’m holding…It has a slip to cozy my hands in…and…it’s made for left handed people.  < Aweee.  

IMG_20141227_093017The picture above was quickly followed by realizing it was almost 70 degrees outside, quickly changing into shorts and a t-shirt and going on an awesome run (in the new shoes).  

CaptureThe verdict:  They’re awesome.  I can’t say I will switch completely from running in my five fingers, but these are the first shoe that’s given them a run (baahah)  for their money.  

Speaking of running…this happened the weekend before Christmas.  IMG_20141221_123817It was a beautiful, COLD, but clear and not-windy and not-raining day.  I bundled up and went out.  The silence was almost deafening.  My soul craves this deep silence of Winter.  

7 – Also important.  Yarn.  IMG_20141225_101409Christmas was extra good to my yarn stash! I’ve been plugging away at a pair of socks the past week..but…am finding a serious lack of pictures of them at the moment.  Also.  Those colors up there.  In love.  

8 – Is 8 a good number to stop on?  I think so.  Happy 2015, everyone.  And just think…after today only 18 more days until my birthday 😉 

I’ll see you guys next week for something mega exciting………

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