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What I Ate Wednesday : 12/17/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on December 17, 2014, 4 comments

These eats were taken on… uhm?  Wednesday?  of last week… I think.  The days are all running together…

Breakfast: IMG_20141211_071918Soy yogurt with coconut, coconut sugar, banana, pecans, vanilla extract and cinnamon

Lunch…Uhm.  There was not a picture. It was taco soup.  Only with tomato sauce instead of tomato juice.  Because sometimes you just can’t be bothered to go to the store…

After work snack: IMG_20141215_093422Hummus.  And chips.  And.  Uh.  I may have eaten the entire thing of hummus.  I got bored.  And there may have been wine involved.  Oy. 

Dinner: Well, after the hummus [and wine]…Nathan told me he wanted me to cut his hair.  I’ve been cutting it for about 5 years, but always with a razor and guards.  We decided to try using scissors.  Scary, right?  (Especially after the above mentioned wine).  It actually turned out REALLY WELL.  Afterwards we went to dinner at a new place in town and I got a delicious lentil burger.  We went just a tad late, though – late enough that they were ID’ing when we came in the restaurant.  It was loud.  We may be getting old.  Oy.  

So.  That was my poor attempt at food.  #IWillTryHarder.

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