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What I Ate Wednesday : 11/19/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on November 19, 2014, 6 comments

Oh food.  These pictures were taken last weekend when I was at my Grandma’s for my Grandpa’s Funeral.  It certainly wasn’t the most stellar display of awesome food choices.  But.  Life goes on.  

Breakfast: IMG_20141113_072401Before I arrived my Uncle asked if there was anything at the store he could pick up for me to eat.  I requested gluten free bread and hummus – figuring I could make a meal out of it about any time of the day.  He obliged – with gluten free English muffins and hummus – which I delightfully enjoyed each morning of my trip. 

Lunch: Was veggie fajitas at the local Mexican joint.  They were either delicious, or I was starving.  

Afternoon snack: IMG_20141114_082920(I’ll spare you the pictures of the 100 thousand pounds of candy and sweet I consumed during the day).  I made a MAJOR packing failure.  I didn’t pack any tea.  For real?! I picked up some peppermint tea when we returned the rental car in the next town over and sipped it every day I was there because 1 – it was freezing and 2 – my stomach was hating the sugar + junk food binge.  

Dinner: IMG_20141114_175106My Grandma owns a fried catfish restaurant.  This is my typical meal there – french fries, homemade slaw, and sweet onions.  Yeah.  My mouth is watering as a type.  In love.  Afterwards?  Candy.  Lots of Candy. 

Okay.  Yeah.  I wasn’t the best food-traveler this trip.  I can usually really rock the packing-my-own-food thing.  This trip was so unexpected (learned Tuesday night we’d be leaving Wednesday morning) that I just went with it.  Yep.  See you tomorrow for some random thoughts on Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

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