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What I Ate Wednesday – Tea Edition – : 10/15/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on October 15, 2014, 6 comments

Last week I realized I was eating the exact same things as the week before.  That tends to lead to some rather boring blog posts.  So…I decided to switch things up.  Today we will talk about TEA.  🙂 …or a “What I drank Wednesday” 🙂 

If you’ve been following my Blog or Vlogs for a while, it’s really no secret that I love tea.  I’ve always preferred tea over coffee.  Don’t get me wrong – coffee is awesome too.  I especially love the smell of coffee.  But…hot tea wins my heart.  

I usually drink decaf tea – but lately I have reached for caffeine some mornings.  You’ll see a mixture of both this week…so let’s look at a Week in Tea 🙂  

IMG_20141009_101236I found a new tea store in town over the weekend and picked up some loose leaf teas.  This tea definitely caught my eye.  It was delicious, but a bit strong on the black tea taste.  I need to rebrew it and see if it still tastes the same.  

IMG_20141009_101544Another Tea Store find – this is so so so delicious.  

IMG_20141009_101301Out of the three teas I found at the new tea store, this one has to take the cake.  I actually drank it a few other mornings this week, too.  DELICIOUS.  

cinnCinnamon Apple Spice is a true favorite for me.  Loveeeee it.  Plus, cinnamon does awesome things to my upset stomach!20140829_072233Speaking of stomach soothing tea…peppermint tea has to take the cake.  It will calm all of my sour stomachs.  I apparently forgot to take a picture of it this week, so here is a random picture of me drinking tea instead.  Seems appropriate 😉 

nutcrackerNutcracker sweet is another caffeinated tea, but it is so so delicious.  The smell of it actually makes me smile.  Vanilla.  Christmas.  Love.

chaiI adore Chai tea.  And, I really adore this Chai because it’s decaf!! 🙂 

IMG_20140924_165320 (1)I bought this tea as an impulse buy at the grocery store a few weeks back.  I didn’t like it the first time I tried it, but have sense fell in love with it as a late-night pre-bed tea.  It doesn’t really taste like caramel – but it is delicious.  IMG_20140915_181438THIS TEA IS SO SO SO good!!! For every ounce that the tea above did not taste like caramel, this one TOTALLY DOES.  Oh wow.  It is so amazing.  I LOVE IT.  

So – those are the teas I drank this week 🙂 Was this a fun change from the usual WIAW?  Do you guys like to drink coffee? Tea? Something else entirely?! 🙂 See you tomorrow for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!!

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6 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday – Tea Edition – : 10/15/2014

  1. Looovee it! I only buy loose leaf teas now a days and all of your flavours sound amazing! Yum! I’ve been loving some spiced black tea with a cinnamon stick. I only brew the black tea for a minute (even if the market man says three) as it gets far too strong and black tea like. I think I have an orange-black-tea mix/combination. I don’t remember.

    Do you also drink green tea?
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