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What I Ate Wednesday : 10/8/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on October 8, 2014, 5 comments

Heeeeeeeeey.  Fancy intros aside.  Let’s talk about food.  

Breakfast: chaiChai Tea, with a side of really white legs.  And…apparently…no shoes?! That’s strange.  I always put on my shoes before coming downstairs?  Anyways…Uhm.  I also had Baked Potato Soup.  < Guys.  I can’t stop eating it.  I’ve had it every morning for 3 weeks now.  There’s just something magical and wonderful about soup for breakfast.  Plus, it mega fills me up.  I decided to spare you a picture this week.  Because…It looks the same.  

Random Morning Snack:IMG_20140930_195053I saw these in a candy dish and grabbed a couple.  Butterscotch is just so so yummy.  Am I think only one that thinks of the parent trap movie when I see these?  ..Please tell me someone gets that. 

Lunch:lunchSuch a random mish-mash of STUFF.  Leftover Diaya pizza (garlic and mushroom), hummus, and jalapeno chips < I don’t even like the jalapeno ones.  But it’s all that was left other than olive.  And that’s sooo not happening. 

Dinner:IMG_20141001_183526Can we take just a second to silently celebrate this pizza?! Orr…you can celebrate out loud, if you wish.  That’s why I did.  While I ate the ENTIRE thing.  Gluten free crust, garlic and olive oil, tomato sauce, parsley, coconut bacon, nutritional yeast, apple slices, onions and pecans.  Oh geez.  IT WAS SOO AMAZING.  I was so full after eating it that I turned down ICE CREAM.  < SERIOUSLY?! Geez.  This pizza.  🙂 

Okay.  Those were my eats.  And…dang it.  Now I want another one of those pizzas……….

Anywho.  See you guys tomorrow for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

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5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday : 10/8/2014

  1. Yay! I was right about that crust! That pizza still looks awesome!

    Your tea box makes me want to go add a cinnamon stick to my tea. It’s black tea with orange so it might work. Hm. Decisions.

    And because I’m not so good at commenting on youtube – I didn’t think you were thirty 🙂
    Yuliya recently posted…Paleo WIAW: a day in the ovenMy Profile

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