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What I Ate Wednesday : 9/24/14

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on September 24, 2014, 6 comments

We’re doing Monday eats again this week.  Because maybe it’s easier to remember to take pictures if I get it out of the way early in the week?


IMG_20140915_152624Uhm.  I may have eaten Mexican Baked Potato Soup for breakfast.  #ButILikeSoupForBreakfast.  Also.  Totally addicted to coconut bacon at the moment.  I also drank some tea out of the tea tower that Fe gifted me last week.  This morning I had “Jazzed”  < Delicious. 

Walk to Work: IMG_20140915_152548After taking a walk to work hiatus last week, it was great to get back in to it. 

Lunch: Lunch is where I stink the most at remembering to take pictures.  I just get SO EXCITED about eating.  🙂 I had butternut squash soup + a rice and grain blend.  It was delicious. 

Pre-Walk-Home-Snack:IMG_20140915_152736The best snack ever.

Dinner: Was the same as breakfast. Same soup.  Different bowl.  Deliciousness.  I did, at this point, run out of bowls, though.  Oh Soup.  🙂

After Dinner Snack: IMG_20140915_181438A tea from the haul I bought last week.  Oh.  And I munched on more coconut bacon.  Because…seriously.  It’s amazing.

Soo…That was my day.  Except for the part where we spent the night at the emergency vet with the cat.  Oye.  :/

I’ll see you guys tomorrow for Thinking Out Loud Thursday! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday : 9/24/14

  1. I always have a tea addiction from September – May/Juneish and then Holland gets unbearably hot (still gray, but really hot) so I back off during the summer. That caramel apple dream tea sounds delicious!

    I’m really sorry about your cat though – how is he? Well, actually, I’ll go read your thinking out loud post as I feel that would be mentioned there 😉
    Yuliya recently posted…Quinoa pumpkin pie puddingMy Profile

    • Tea addictions are – really – the best kind of addictions to have. 😉 I do back off during the summer as well, but – as someone who is ALWAYS cold – It’s nice to have around!
      He’s doing fine now!! I have info in last week and this week’s Thinking Out Loud 🙂 It was a rough week, but we’re glad he’s in tip top shape now! 🙂

      • Ohh, it seems so stressful! I’m so glad he’s okay now 🙂 You guys take great care of him!

        I also tend to be pretty cold, but weather in NL is crazy… we have a short period in the summer where it’s unbearably hot but we don’t have air conditioners hah. Then I don’t drink anything warm or I feel like I’ll melt. Now it’s cold so tea addiction, here I come :)))
        You may have mentioned this, but my brain isn’t awake yet – do you drink caffeinated tea?
        Yuliya recently posted…Fall activities for toddlers (take II)My Profile

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