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VlogTober 2014 Signup!

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on September 13, 2014, 6 comments

Hi Everyone! I can’t believe it is this time of year already…

What time is that?  < VlogTober! 

I want to say an EXTRA special thanks to my good friends Veronica and Fe for helping me organize VlogTober this year! 

You can learn all about VlogTober in this video (and then read more and sign up below as well!) 



So here are your different ways to play:

1 – Vlog Every Day in October, each day on the prompt below!

2 – Vlog once a week, or twice a week, on the prompts below for that week!

3 — Watch all of these lovely vlogs throughout the month and contribute as you can!

Here are the ‘ground rules’:

1 – Submit your information on the google form below so that it will populate the spreadsheet and everyone can follow each other! : )

4 – Label your Vlogs or with ‘VlogTober Day ___’ for daily vlogs, or ‘VlogTober Days ___ – ___’ for non-daily posts so that people can find them!

5 – Most importantly – be super duper supportive of EVERYONE! Especially those who are new to vlogging.

7 –  Don’t stress.  If you miss a day, no biggie! If you don’t like a topic…skip that day, or talk about something else! My feelings won’t be hurt 🙂 Just make it fun!!

Here are the prompts!

 Here is how you sign up! Fill out the form below…Then scroll down (and refresh…it may take a few minutes!) and see your response as well as everyone else!


Below are the responses to the form so that you can check out everyone’s videos!

I can’t wait to see everyone play this year! Happy October! (I’ll put a link to this post in the top bar of my blog as well so you can get back to it easily! 🙂 ) 

P.S. – 

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Note – in order to help support the costs of blogging, my site occasionally contains affiliate links.  When this happens – everything costs the same for you, but I get a little income as well.  Thanks!

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