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What I Ate Wednesday : 7/23/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on July 23, 2014, 2 comments

This week your eats are brought to you on behalf of last Monday.  Because.  Well.  That’s when taking pictures of my food happened.  🙂   Also.  My brain thinks it’s fall.  And only wants fall-like-spices.  But…I held back.  And this is what I ended up with…

Really early in the morning because apparently: being-tired-on-a-Monday-is-totally-awesome…Pre-Walk-Breakfast:IMG_20140714_071517 IMG_20140714_071856Gluten free toast with tofu scramble and (soy) yogurt cheese.  Oh, and tea.  Oh man.  Tofu scramble + yogurt cheese may be my new favorite.  It may have made waking up so early worth it.  Maybe…

Walk to work:IMG_20140714_081005It was a beautiful, although incredibly humid, walk.  Also.  Eating a huge breakfast (well, bigger than the usual rice crackers and  peanut butter) makes morning commutes walks, NOT runs!

Breakfast Number 2 – Because – I – Like – Food:IMG_20140714_084006Soy yogurt with cinnamon and coconut sugar + potato pancakes < Because, awesome. 

Lunch – Leftovers – Are- Amazing:IMG_20140714_183855This mess-oh-goodness is rice, beans and some grilled veggies.  And some mango lime salsa.  And I didn’t make it.  But it was delicious. 

Pre-Dinner-Snack-Because-Dinner-Is-Taking-Forever-To-Bake:IMG_20140714_183740Black pepper and sea salt potato chips < Addicted.  Plus cinnamon apple cider.  < Which reminds me of fall.  Also.  See that note that says “Lunch”?  It’s my last ditch effort to try to get myself to not forget my lunch.  It helps 99% of the time.  🙂

Dinner – Because – I – Just – Can’t – Stop – Making – This:IMG_20140714_191039Spinach and Mushroom Ragu Lasagna.  Oh It Is Soo Good.

Dessert – Because – Sometimes – You – Need – Chocolate – At – 9:30 10:30pm:IMG_20140714_212010Minimalist Baker’s black bean brownies.  I’ve made some terrible black bean brownies in my past.  These, though…geez they were the complete opposite of terrible.  They were amazing sweet fudgy goodness.  Delicious.  And totally worth staying up late to wait for them to bake.  🙂

So those were my trying-to-resist-the-urge-to-COOKALLTHINGSFALL meals.  I hope you’re having a great week! You can click here to see other Wednesday eats and I’ll be back tomorrow with some Thinking Out Loud Thursday thoughts! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday : 7/23/2014

  1. I’ve been thinking about fall a lot myself… mostly because I’m busy planning my son’s and my birthday party in September [it will be cowboy/farm themed because it’s the same day… I can feel like a two year old again – woo hoo!]. Anyway, I’m already starting to plan the menu with lots of fall themed food and want to have it all right now! … And I really want to go to an apple orchard.

    Anyhow, your food all looks super tasty! I haven’t made potato pancakes with those cinnamon and coconut sugar. So happening next time 😉
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