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What I Ate Wednesday : 07/09/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on July 9, 2014, 4 comments

Last weeks Wednesday eats are brought to you through special funding from the ChelseaEatsLotsOfLassagna Fund.  You’re welcome.

Sometime-Early-But-A-Little-Later-Than-Usual-Because-I-Overslept – Breakfast2014070295092722Raspberry – Vanilla Tea.  < I have recently re-fallen in love with Tea.  I actually have an addiction to buying tea.  But drinking it comes and goes.  I’ve been reading a book based in England, though, and geez they drink a lot of tea.  🙂  I’ve started making it at work in the mornings with 1/2 a jar of hot water and 1/2 a jar of room temperature water so that I can drink it right away instead of waiting for it to cool.  I also ate the typical rice-crackers-with-peanut-butter and soy-yogurt-with-cinnamon, but you guys may be sick of looking at pictures of those. 🙂

Later-Than-I-Liked-Because-of-a-Meeting-So-I-Ate-It-Before-Photographing – Lunch20140702_124229…Or, those are the empty lunch containers.  What was in it?  Spinach and Mushroom Ragu Lasagna + Salad.  It really looked something more like this…minus…the casserole dish and all.Spinach & Mushroom Ragu Lasagna [Vegan/Gluten Free]

Afternoon-Bribe-To-Run-A-Report-I-Didn’t-Feel-Like-Doing – Snack2014070295145738Yeah.  That happened.  I went and bought it and put it beside my computer monitor and only allowed myself to eat it once I finished the report.  🙂

Post-Work-You-Ate-Too-Much-Sugar-And-Need-A-Pre-Dinner-Snack – Snack Part 22014070295184909Toast, with peanut butter.  But that picture doesn’t have peanut butter.  Because I ate the toast before I took a picture.  🙂

Dinner-Couldn’t-Come-Soon-Enough-Because-Guess-What-I-Get-To-Eat-More-Lasagna – Dinner2014070195194044Sorry for the ugliness of this picture.  This dinner was actually delicious.  And..a repeat of lunch.  🙂 Sorry.NotSorry.  Salad, Lasagna, bread with earth balance and garlic powder.

Post-Dinner- (actually right now while writing this)- Dessert2014-07-02_18.56.59 2014070295184712Chocolate Chips and Sugar Plum (yes, I know it’s Christmas) tea.  Only…

IMG_20140702_185830I got really excited to take a picture of the tea for you guys and actually forgot to put the tea bag in.  Didn’t realize it until I’d waited a while for it to steep.  You know what you get when you forget to add a tea bag to hot water?  You get hot water.  That’s it.  Bahhaha.  I reheated the water and added a tea bag.  < And got more chocolate chips.  And all was saved. 

So…Those were my Last Wednesday eats.  I hope you’re having a great week, and I’ll see you tomorrow for Thinking Out Loud Thursday! If you want to see other Wednesday eats, you can click here

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