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What I Ate Wednesday : 07/02/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on July 2, 2014, 2 comments

Last week’s eats were not super typical because…Days Off.  Spending the entire day at home reminds me how much more fun eating is when I don’t have to pick all the food out the night before and/or the morning of and place it into a million tupperware containers 

9am-ish- < Because.  Day Off.  …BreakfastbreakfastSeriously?! If I ate breakfast like this every day I’d be so so happy.  I LOVE BREAKFAST.  Tofu scramble with a new cheese sauce that I’m still working on, cornmeal gluten free waffles, (with, of course, Maple Syrup) and soy yogurt with strawberry jam stirred in.  Oh – and Kona Coffee.  I never drink coffee (because Me + Caffeine = not awesome) but it was so delicious.  ALL OF IT was SO delicious.  Geez.  Food.  You are so amazing. 

1pm – ish < Because, who says I have to eat at a normal schedule? The Cheese Dip for Everything [Vegan/Gluten Free]I was still SO incredibly full from that huge-humongous breakfast.  So I ate cheese sauce (working on recipe) and chips.  < Yep, that happened.  Every time I make this cheese sauce I eat it and eat it and eat it and EAT IT.  I JUST CAN’T STOP. 

6pm-ish < Because cooking a real dinner is actually fun when you’ve been home all day, mainly knitting < Dinner timedinnerI know this dinner is beautiful, but it TASTED beautiful.  Tofu, baked, and smothered with BBQ sauce.  < FINALLY figured out how to make tasty tofu! Grilled onions, and not-healthy-vegan-mac and cheese.  I will confess – all of those ended up being mixed together to be eaten.  Is it strange that I love bbq sauce in my mac and cheese?  Hope not 🙂 

I think I ate dessert this night?  But I can’t remember.  My guess would be an ice cream bar.  < Because that seems to happen every single day.  

I hope everyone is starting out JULY < WHAAAAT in a super dandy fashion, and I’ll see you tomorrow for Thinking Out Loud Thursday! You can click here to see other Wednesday eats!

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2 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday : 07/02/2014

  1. Oh my goodness, that breakfast. Looks so good! I’m a huge waffle fan myself–I’ve probably had them at least 4 times a week ever since I got home for the summer. They’re best when drenched in a thick “smoothie” sauce (especially when the smoothie has peanut butter in it!).

    Have a lovely day!!! xoxo
    Kris @ Plants & Pages recently posted…wiaw #31: taking selfies on the busMy Profile

    • Waffles drenched in a peanut buttery smoothie?! Uhhm…I’ll be over for breakfast tomorrow 😉
      We used to make a ton of waffles in bulk and freeze them to pop in the toaster in the mornings…but every time we do we end up eating them all so fast! I need a waffle iron that makes…20 million waffles at a time!!!

      Happy Wednesday!

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