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What I Ate Wednesday : 6/25/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on June 25, 2014, no comments

Eats last Wednesday were fairly normal.  My remembering-to-take-pictures skills, however, were lacking.  🙂

630am – Breakfast, part 12014051495081635The usual – rice crackers with peanut butter.  Although they weren’t this pretty.  They were wrapped in a cloth napkin, and eaten while getting ready. 🙂 

Walk to work:


8-something-ish – Breakfast, part two: Grain Free Granola Clusters [Vegan/Gluten Free/Grain Free]2014061895082638Homemade yogurt – using the new method, with grain free granola and potato pancakes (< which are amazing)

12pm – ish – LunchIMG_20140617_202314I failed so miserably at getting a picture of my lunch.  I ate crockpot refried beans, brown rice, and that cheese sauce up there that is just amazing.  Oh.  And steamed kale. 

530pm – Dinner2014061895171248My afternoon turned super busy and I ended up with no afternoon snack.  🙁  … as a result, I heated up these leftovers from the Chinese place as soon as I got home.  Broccoli with ginger garlic sauce, brown rice.  I ended up finishing off the above mentioned cheese sauce as well.  🙂

After Dinner – Dessert20140528_194205So delicious vanilla ice cream with chocolate shell bar.  But not while reading foster care certifcation papers as pictured above.  While watching TV.  🙂

So – there are my eats.  Does anyone else struggle with remember to snap pictures on your WIAW day?  I hope everyone is doing great! You can click here for other Wednesday eats and I’ll see you tomorrow for Thinking Out Loud Thursday! 

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