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My First Stitch Fix!

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on June 6, 2014, one comment

I have something exciting to share with you guys!  I got my first Stitch Fix this week!  What is a stitch fix?  Basically, you go to their website, fill out your style profile < (which was super detailed!), pay $20, and they mail you a box of clothes, usually 5 items.  You can chose to have accessories sent too, but I opted out of those, for now.  < You don’t have to do any work.  Besides get them out of your mailbox.  And try them on – but that’s even in the comfort of your own home!  After you try them on you have three days to decide if you want to keep them.  If you keep them, you go online and pay for them.  If you do decide to keep anything your $20 styling fee goes towards the purchase.  If you don’t keep anything, you only lose the 20 dollars you paid to have them style for you.  AND < If you keep everything you get 25% off.  

That’s the down and dirty basic steps.  You can learn SO much more by going to their website.  

I am not a highly fashionable person, but I decided to do Stitch Fix for a few reasons.  1 – I’m not a highly fashionable person, and can use all the help I can get :).  2 – There are not very many places to shop around here.  and 3 – It is REALLY exciting to get a whole box of goodies delivered to your door.  🙂 

I made an unboxing video for you guys, and then took some (not awesomely lighted) pictures of the clothes.  Here is the video: 

So – let’s talk about what I got, what I’m keeping, and what I’m not.  


These people are miracle workers.  I have looked forever for skinny fit jeans that fit my thighs while also fitting my hips AND my calves.  The people at Stitch Fix found me a pair that fit EVERYTHING perfectly.  Except my waist.  < They were just a hair too tight.  And sort of pinched me.  My decision?  Send back.  🙁 


(This shirt is also in the picture above of the jeans).  I had mixed feeling about this shirt when I first saw it.  It was a nice, heavy weight cotton which I really liked.  I do not love stripes nor do I love 3/4 length sleeves (I’ve now added both of these dislikes to my stitch fix profile).  It actually fit really well, and Nathan liked it a lot, but… My decision – Send back.


(While the picture may not convey this…) this cardigan is adorable.  It is a super duper soft cotton, fits awesome, and will be great for layering.  I love it.  The decision – Keep! 🙂 


I told them I wanted polkadots, and I am so glad they included them.  But, (not to spoil the ending) this top was a NO in so many ways.  First of all, the blue was a tad bright for me.  Then.  There were 3 quarter length sleeves.  And, it’s a bit too short.  Then my husband told me it made me look like a blob.  Enough said? The decision? NOPE.


If the shirt was a no, then the dress was an even bigger no.  It was the same shade of blue AND striped.  That turned me off of it right away.  And the fit?  Ugg.  The Decision? No. No. No.

So I ended up with the cardigan – which was 48 dollars.  I was able to subtract my 20 dollar styling fee, and my cost was only 28 dollars.  < Totally worth it. 

Do I think I’ll do a stitch fix again?  Yep.  In fact, I already scheduled one for August.  And am REALLY excited.  I feel like they were really accurate with my style – with only some minor tweaking needed to be perfect.  🙂 

You all need to sign up and do a stitch fix for yourself.  Stitch Fix didn’t pay me to do this review, but if you click on any of my links in this post, I’ll get money towards my next fix.  AND you’ll get a referral code for your friends too 🙂 I’d LOVE to hear about it if you give it a shot!

P.S. – 

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