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Thinking Out Loud Thursday : 6/5/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on June 5, 2014, no comments

Each week Amanda [Running with Spoons] hosts Thinking Out Loud Thursday. A chance for us to do some brain-dump blogging. And to hang out with fun people.

thursdaysIn case I haven’t said it enough.  Or, don’t say it every single month. Hello June < Where did you come from?!  Not only did you just slip right in there (over a weekend, none the less) but, you’re just sailing away like it ain’t no thing.  Bold move, June – bold move. 

As much as I joke, June 1st is never a surprise move on our family.  As I mentioned at the beginning of May – there are a lot of hard memories from May – June.  With June 1st wrapping it all up in a nice, all over the place, emotional bow.  Because, three years ago on June 1st, Nathan’s mother passed away.  The anniversary of her Death is – surprisingly – less impacting than the other dates surrounding it – her birthday, Mother’s day.  We’ve always said that this was because we never celebrated her death with her – like we did her birthday, and Mother’s day.  Life goes on.  And Monday still comes. Because it has to. But Sunday – Sunday, June 1st – still takes us back.  It still makes us sad.  And it makes us hug each other just a little bit tighter.  Three years? Has it really been that long? IMG_20140601_072747

Love you, Beth.

We spent most of Sunday playing with Nathan’s Play Station < Oh yeah.  Like, the first kind they made.  We found it at his Uncle’s house, and brought it home, and it worked.  Talk about some awesome graphics. IMG_20140601_182122And on Sunday we spent time working on our Foster Care / Adoption certification application.  I think I mentioned this in a flying-comment a few months back – but Nathan and I have (err, by the time you are reading this) completed the course work to become licensed foster/adoptive parents. We do not think we will take any permanent placements just yet since Nathan’s school situation is currently up in the air – but we are going to see how we can help out in other ways.  More to come on that in the near future, I am sure.  For now?  Paperwork.  If you are interested in our journey to / through foster/adoption I keep my personal youtube channel up to date with this information.  A lot of that information I don’t share on here regularly – but you can feel free to check it out if you are interested. IMG_20140601_163514I *think* I mentioned this last week, but I have fallen head over heels in love with a new (new, to me,) running trail.  I went and sought it out again this weekend, despite the cool, foggy days.  It’s just so beautiful.  It makes me love running without headphones – which I used to never do – because it makes me appreciate the nature around me.  And my feet hitting the ground.  And hearing my breath.  < In. Love. < This is why I run. IMG_20140531_185546Speaking of outdoors.  I have become re-energized for walking to work.  I walked every day (well, every day but Monday – since that was a holiday) last week – and am starting this week strong as well (although – I see storms in the forecast for later in the week).  Walking in the morning starts my day out perfectly.  I get to spend time in the crisp morning air (or, hot morning air some mornings last week!), and my brain is ready to go when I get to work.  Also – when I get to walk home (afternoon thunderstorms ruin that sometimes), I really feel a difference in my body working out twice in one day.  Even though it’s shorter times, just getting moving twice seems to really make a difference. I need to do a video or post about my walk commute.  < Add that to the to do list.  IMG_20140602_075001That was Monday morning’s foggy walk in.

10441081_10101172305023428_5307987966313197631_nThis was Tuesday morning.  Seriously?  Beauty. 

One thing that I desperately needed for my walking was a clutch.  When I walk I take my backpack full of my clothes and food that I need for the day – but I also empty my absolutely-necessary purse items into the backpack as well so I do not have to carry two bags.  When I did this – I was then putting my wallet, and another small bag into my purse.  I wanted something that could hold everything, it one, compact bag.  < Clutch to the rescue.  I looked and looked on Etsy – and finally decided (because I’m cheap) to buy a pattern and make one.  I’m super glad I did, because I was able to modify the pattern to my liking, and now I have the pattern when I want to make another one!  Here is the pattern I used. < I highly recommend it, and her shop.  Her bags are adorable.IMG_20140527_194121^ Those polka dots just make me happy. 🙂

More running + Walking to work + Summertime = super duper hungry.  My average meals have began to look like this: IMG_20140531_194255Huge-mongous salad + a main dish.  In this case – soup.  

Oh! And Hey! We got a new dining room table! That seats more than 1.75 people! It actually sits 6 people…Which is a tad bigger than our current family needs.  But – it gives us room to grow 🙂 2014053195141424Our poor little chairs look pitiful at it now.  < Need to go chair shopping.  Also.  My Husband is very far away now.  

This week I have been RE-reading (for the 4th time) this: CaptureThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  It is SUCH an amazing book and…drum roll…the MOVIE comes out THIS WEEKEND.  Oh Wow.  I canNOT wait.  So SO excited.

Anywho.  I think that is enough random thoughts for this week.  I hope everyone is doing GREAT!…and I’ll see you next week!

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