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Thinking Out Loud Thursday : 5/22/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on May 22, 2014, 2 comments

Each week Amanda [Running with Spoons] hosts Thinking Out Loud Thursday. A chance for us to do some brain-dump blogging. And to hang out with fun people.

thursdaysHi People! Happy Wednesday Thursday!  Guess what?! The week is almost over.  But first…let’s have a Thursday Thinking Out Loud brain dump.  🙂 

Monday was… Our 2 year wedding anniversary!  1506659_10101153454719588_5339294013925954720_n 539014_10100411753928918_635871996_nTwo years?  Really?  Are we that old?  🙂  We didn’t do anything mega-exciting for our anniversary.  Because…it was on a Monday?  Seriously, Monday?  We did decide, however, that we should be living in Canada – so we could have had our anniversary off for Victoria’s day.  We spent a lot of quiet time together over the weekend (which, after the past two weekends was much needed), and then cooked dinner together after work Monday night.   We’re not big presents / big plans / Etc people – so that was a – okay with us.  What are you supposed to do on a second wedding anniversary?  (ALSO – am I the ONLY one who can’t spell anniversary?!) 

Tuesday…I signed up for my first Stitch Fix! (<that’s a referral link).

 I’ve been watching from the sidelines as some other bloggers and friends have gotten their fixes, and – because my spring/summer wardrobe is seriously lacking – and so are my shopping options – I decided to give it a shot.  My first “fix” arrives on June 6th – and I am mega excited.  Have you ever heard of Stitch Fix?  Here’s how it works: (copied from their website):

  1. Fill out your Style Profile — Begin by filling out the Style Profile. This helps us understand your size, style, shape, budget and lifestyle. Completing your profile should only take about 10 minutes.  < This was really awesome, and it actually helped me learn more about my own style.  You could get mega specific, which I loved.  For example – I said no to animal prints and leather and certain colors.  I also LOVED that you could link your pinterest boards – so I beefed up a ‘style’ board, and linked it.  I also elected to not receive jewelry in my fix – mainly because I don’t wear much.
  2. Pick the date you’d like to receive your Fix — We’ll send you a Fix of five clothing items and accessories handpicked by personal stylists on the date you choose. At the time your Fix is styled you will be charged a $20 styling fee. That $20 will be applied as a credit toward anything you keep from your shipment. < They had super long wait times for a while, but 2 weeks did not seem like a long time at all to wait (it used to be a few months, I heard)
  3. Try everything on in the comfort of your home — We encourage you to try on everything our personal stylists have picked for you because you just never know what will look great on! Create new outfits by pairing what’s in your Fix with the items that are already in your closet. < Apparently they send style guides – which I really need!
  4. Buy what you like and return the rest — Take three days to decide what you’ll purchase and what you’d like to send back. You’re only charged for these items when you tell us what you’re keeping and returning.  Check out by logging in to your account to pay for those items you want to keep. The $20 styling fee will be applied as credit towards any items you purchase from your Fix. If you buy all five items, we’ll give you 25% off the entire Fix!  Simply return the items you don’t want in our pre-paid mailing bag and drop it at any USPS mailbox. Stitch Fix clients enjoy free shipping both ways as a benefit of using our service! 

So – ^^ That’s how it works.  I’m pretty excited.  I know I don’t usually talk about fashion on here (mainly because my fashion = zero), but I think I’ll show you guys what I get from my fix.  🙂 Christmas in June.  Want to get your own fix?  You!

Tuesday I also…Really smashed my second baby toe.  Now.  Before you even get started.  ALL of my toes are super tiny.  I know.  🙂  It hurts, and the nail is rather…black.  Which I am saving you from – by showing you a taped version.  Running this week = not happening until that’s a bit better.  IMG_20140520_170016Wow.  My foot looks really big.  🙂  Hi big foot!

Last weekend I made…a really super not healthy but yummy cheesy vegan macaroni.  And topped it with roasted onions and mushrooms.  It was delightful.  Recipe coming soon-ish. The "Not Really All That Healthy" Vegan Mac'n'Cheese [Vegan/Gluten Free]

(Embarrassing story time) ALSO ..This week… I posted a recipe for Salted Caramel Ice Cream.  Oh Man guys.  This recipe is amazing.  The salted caramel sauce on its own is also rather fantastic, too..  DSC_0309But – here’s the embarrassing part – I posted the recipe Tuesday morning, and WEDNESDAY afternoon someone commented on facebook noting that it was interesting that the recipe used 1 and a half CUPS of vanilla extract.  Oh man.  NOPE – TEASPOONS.  1.5 TEASPOONS.  Geez.  I was embarrassed.  Have you ever done this before?  Please say I’m not the only one!

Remember me telling you a few weeks ago about my obsession with Earth Balance (vegan) White Cheddar Puffs20140507_182943Well.  I think I’ve made progress in my recovery.  I bought a bag on Monday and it is now Wednesday and I haven’t eaten them yet.  Aren’t you proud?  (Here’s the confession, though – if they were within arms reach at this very moment, they’d be gone!) 

I hope everyone is having a great week! You can click here to see other peoples Thursday thoughts and I’ll be back next week! Enjoy your weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday : 5/22/2014

    • Yeah, 1.5 cups of vanilla…geez…I think it would be TERRIBLE. Not to mention, incredibly expensive!
      I noticed they didn’t send to Canada. SO SAD. Too bad I can’t…have it shipped to my house…take a video of the clothes…and then mail them to you 😉

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