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What I Ate Wednesday : 04/09/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on April 9, 2014, 10 comments

Last week was incredibly busy.  Spring busted out full force, and so did things like running every day, walking to work, and lots of social time.  So – WIAW is missing a few pictures, but you’ll get the gist 🙂

630-am-ish – What I Ate WednesdayI walked to work Wednesday morning – so I hate Peanut Butter on Rice Crackers before I left.  Then, yogurt with bananas and pecans when I got to work.  Recycled photo with them both in it. 

IMG_20140402_081148How can you not walk to work, with views like this?!

8am – ish

20140402_082549The above mentioned yogurt, plus some fresh OJ


20140402_125845Lara Bar Dark Chocolate Turtle.  I’d never tried this before but it was AWESOME!

12pm – Lunch

Total failure at getting a lunch picture – but it was Chinese Rice and Baked Beans.  Yeah.  Not awesome combo.  Don’t suggest it.

5pm – Walk home grocery stop

IMG_20140402_172758Walking to work means walking home – which means groceries in the backpack…Cilantro, green onions, carrots

530pm – Post walk home/pre dinner snack20140402_172844This hummus?  Best. Ever.  Added some corn chips.  Yum.

630pm – Dinner20140402_182402Peanut Butter Thai Sauce with Potato Noodles.  Similar to this soup, then add spiralized potato noodles. 

So – that was my day.  And a pretty typical all over the place Spring week day.  I hope everyone is having a great week…

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10 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday : 04/09/2014

  1. Wow! Your dinner looks so nice- f the soup recipe you linked looks ammmaaazing. I’m going to try that soon! I have a carrot soup in the freezer and am considering combining the two. Hm. Anyway, pinning the recipe 🙂

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