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Thinking Out Loud Thursday : 3/6/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on March 6, 2014, 3 comments

Amanda [Running With Spoons] (who better be soaking up LOTS of Hawaii sun for us right now!) hosts Thinking Out Loud each Thursday, where lovely people spill lovely thoughts into their lovely blogs.


1. On Sunday the weather was beautiful.  It was a balmy 59 degrees.  Which, feels like the middle of summer compared to right now.  So, despite the fact that I had worked Saturday at the ski mountain for EIGHTEEN HOURS, I went on a super awesome and (semi) long run.  During which, I apparently created and popped a blister on my big toe.  I’m sure being in ski boots for 18 hours the day before may have played into this blister, but at any rate – blister.  bleeding.  yep. ((oh, and before you try to convince me that running in five finger shoes caused me to have a bleeding blister, you can know that I’ve ran in them for almost 5 years and this has not every happened before))


2. These.  Eat.  Them.  Now.  Because.  Honey Mustard. 1622218_10101063887557898_593513968_nI had been hearing rumors of these pretzels for a while now – but couldn’t find them in stores anywhere! Tuesday I was having a far-less-than-awesome day, and rounded the corner, and BOOM! AWESOME stared me int he face.  And they taste AMAZING.

3 – A few weeks ago my crockpot died.  I sought out advice on what to replace it with, and finally settled on the Instant Pot (although, I ordered a newer model than the one on Amazon).  It is supposed to arrive on Wednesday – and I am SO excited. The new model I ordered is a bunch of appliances in one including:

  • a slow cooker,
  • a pressure cooker,
  • a rice cooker,
  • a steamer,
  • a saute pan,
  • a yogurt maker

Did you read that last one?! A YOGURT MAKER.  Although I am stoked to try all of the other features, this one has me most excited! Vegan yogurt coming soon, I’m sure.  🙂CaptureAt least I know one person who was stoked about its arrival today…

4 – If I didn’t stress it enough in number 1 – I’m ready for more shorts and t-shirt runs.  20140302_130852

5 – On Monday night we went to see Yoram Bauman, who is a ‘Stand Up Economist’, or, a stand up comedian who talks about economics.  I must admit *nerd alert* that I took a good bit of economics in my business degree, but it’s been a fair amount of time since I was in those classes.  I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of economics I remembered.  And, most importantly, I scored major wife-points for going with Nathan. What does it mean if a ‘social night out’ for us was going to see an educational comedy show?  Uhm.  🙂

6 – I’ve started (in my head more than anything) planning some room ideas [again] for our future-adopted-children.  (A process that I stopped for a long time when I was really struggling).  The latest obsession?  This diaper bag from Timbuk2.  Please tell me that even if I adopt a 6 year old I’ll need a diaper bag of sorts?!

7 – Can’t. Stop. Eating. The. Pretzels.  (reference number 2).

8 – I’ve been working on a budget for our potential – upcoming – income – changes (gulp) (scary) and just totaled up how much money we spent on food (groceries and eating out) in the month of February.  It’s shameful.  And February has like…3 less days than a lot of months.

9 – Smoothies have made their way back into my life the past two weeks.  My latest obsession?  Spinach, Strawberries, Flax Meal, Peanut Butter, Banana and Rice Milk. IMG_20140221_073440

Okay.  Brain dump = Over.  See you soon 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday : 3/6/2014

  1. You know what’s sad? You’re already on your second slow cooker and I have yet to even purchase my first. Total fail on my part. I hear so many amazing things about them, and I’ve even started a recipe collection, but yeah… hasn’t happened yet. Bug me to get one? Pleaseeeee? Taunt me by making delicious things.

    • I think I could probably live without a crock pot if I REALLY had to, but I have sneaky suspicion that once I get used to how to use the pressure cooker and steamer I won’t be able to go back. Plus a crock pot, rice cooker and yogurt maker? Hooked for life. I will definitely taunt you with deliciousness. 🙂 The instant pot is from Canada, by the way. And as soon as it arrived my husband bent down to the box and said ‘hey, if this thing’s so smart, do you think it can tele-port us back to Canada?’

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