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Thinking Out Loud Thursday : 2/20/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on February 20, 2014, 2 comments

It’s Thursday! And that means…time to hang out with Amanda [Running With Spoons] for Thinking Out Loud Thursday! – AKA – a really awesome day.  🙂


Last week on Friday:

CaptureDress + Turtleneck + Leggings + Striped Ski Socks + Boots.  Because…snow.

They are building a Chipotle here in town and we are SO excited.  They’re going to open in April (they’ve had some weather delays).  I seriously can’t wait.  The best part?  It’s walking distance from my office.  It’s ALSO on the walk-home for when I walk to work.  I see some serious Chipotle eating in our very near future.

This makes me really laugh.


Have you tried LARABAR Alt Bar, Lemon Pound Cake?  Uhm.  They’re amazing.  I don’t do ‘protein supplements’ (as much as I used to), but I’ve found the pea protein in these bars to be awesome at keeping me just a bit more full.

Speaking of keeping me fuller, this week for breakfast I’ve traded my usual rice crackers with peanut butter for tofu scramble with (vegan) cheesy hashbrowns.  Oh wow.  So good.  And my morning?  Much more energized.  Breakfast is such a difficult meal for me.  For years I had a very hard time eating in the mornings because of stomach issues – but I also have very low blood sugar – so breakfast is pretty vital (to..youknow…break the fast).  Peanut Butter is my go – to breakfast + protein source for this reason.  But eating a big hearty breakfast?  Pretty fabulous!  What do you do for breakfast?  What meals is the hardest for you?


CaptureSeriously, United States?!

Have you heard of gmail’s boomarang app?  It allows you to set email reminders – so, if an email hasn’t had a reply in a certain (set) amount of time, it will come back into your inbox to remind you.  This is pretty fabulous.  I think I’ll have to try it out.  I bet I would also enjoy it for Outlook (for work emails).  I have a (lot of) work-email rule(s) – if I’m not currently, actively working on something (i.e. – I need to follow up and write a reply) it’s not in my inbox.  Now, I also don’t throw anything away.  But I have an INCREDIBLY elaborate system of folders (136 folders, to be exact, I just counted) to file everything away in very specific categories.  I also have a ‘nothing in the inbox by end of day Friday’ rule, AND a ‘no emails in the inbox below the scroll of the screen’ (i.e. – I’d have to scroll to see them) rule.  People make fun of me, big timfor these rules – but I was even able to keep it up during a huge system roll out.  And it’s the only thing that kept me sane!  What does your inbox look like?

Also work related?  Stand up desk breakthrough this week.  I’ve been enjoying but not loving stand up desk.  I mean, I said I loved it – but it was kind of how you “love’ your least-favorite workout.  You know you need to do it, but it isn’t your choice activity.  Standing up made my back feel awesome, but my feet and legs feel horrible.  Until this week.  This week, they stopped hurting! Now, I seriously love Stand-Up-Desk.

Today (which is really Wednesday), it got up to 45 degrees.  And I wore a short sleeve dress.  It made me laugh – 45 degrees right now seems balmy.  In September?  It constitutes a sweater and scarf.  Oh how our bodies adjust to the furry of winter.

This photographer takes free photo sessions of babies in the NICU.  What an amazing gift for parents during such a terribly hard time.

just realized I forgot to number my thoughts.  Yeah.  Not fixing that now.

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2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday : 2/20/2014

  1. Teach me to be better at emails! Or at least to respond to them in a timely fashion. I’m a freak about organizing my inbox (although… 136?!? Really?!?), but sometimes it takes me forever to get back to someone. I’m thinking I need that boomerang app to, you know, smack me in the face.

    Also… You better be rocking the Christmas socks in those boots. Just saying.

    • My rule is……(do I have too many email rules?!) If I can take care of it right that minute, reply and take care of it. Email and I had a very unhealthy relationship for a very long time.

      Baahaha. There were no Christmas socks that day, but they did get worn the next day 🙂

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