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What I Learned Friday : Week Ending 02/14/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on February 14, 2014, 3 comments

What I Learned Friday - Lessons from a new-ish blogger - 02.14.14

If you’re new around here, each Friday I write up a handful of lessons I’ve learned in my blogging-world that week.  Thanks for stopping by!

1 – I’ve been talking about how I’ve been using HootSuite to schedule tweets.  I had scheduled out about 4 weeks worth of tweets, and over the past weekend, they stopped posting on their own.  At first I thought it was, perhaps, a fluke – so I waited a few days.  On Tuesday they still weren’t posting – but they were deleting off of my ‘scheduled’ list.  I went in an ‘edited’ them (just opened them up and saved them again) – and they’ve all been posting normally since then.  Not sure what was going on, but glad it seems to be fixed now!

2 – If you’ll notice below my signature at the bottom of this (and my last few posts) you’ll notice I added a link to my Facebook and Twitter pages.  I thought it was a way to make my posts a little more inviting and personal 🙂

3 – I’ve been working on getting some recipes scheduled for the next few weeks – it makes me feel safe to have the scheduled posts, but I also like that I have flexibility with it.  For example – this week I made the Walnut & Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies, and wanted to share them with you, so I bumped another post further down the calendar to share them with you now.

4 – When I took the pictures of the [above] cookies, I was able to take pictures outside.  [WAHO] – I’d forgotten about how awesome outside and natural lighting is.  It makes photography and editing much less hard work.

5 – How far in advance do you schedule posts out?  If you do, how to you also keep your posts ‘current’ (to what’s happening in the world/your life)?

6 – MEGA BONUS – Amazon Affiliate is now available for North Carolina residents!!!! Learn more here…I’m signing up now and will be able to tell you more about it (personally) soon!

See you next week!

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3 thoughts on “What I Learned Friday : Week Ending 02/14/2014

  1. I’m not actually a fan of scheduling posts in advance unless I know I’m going to be travelling — it makes me feel too out of the loop! I’ll have a general plan of what posts I want to go up when, but I usually write them all the night before they go up.

    • You’re super on top of things 🙂 I admire that!! I think the planner in me panics if they’re not written – but I’ve actually been writing them every week – even though there were ones planned for that week – because fun ideas keep coming up! I guess I’ll save my scheduled ones for off weeks that I have no fun ideas! 🙂 HAPPY FRIDAY!

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