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Thinking Out Loud Thursday : 02/13/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on February 13, 2014, 2 comments

Each week my sock-soul-sister Amanda [Running With Spoons] does an awesome Thursday roundup of everyone’s thoughts.  I mean.  Not everyone in the whole entire world.  But close.  You should join us for Thinking Out Loud.


1 – By the time you read this, we will have more than a foot of snow.  I mean, unless you’re reading this months from now, and if so – I really really hope it’s melted by then.  Between noon today (Wednesday) and nightfall tonight (also Wednesday) we are supposed to have 12+ inches (30 cm < that’s kinda ridiculous) of snow.  Uhm.  Is there still time to bail?  Like…to Australia?

2 – Record for-this-date snowfall?  Honey Badger Don’t Care.

IMG_20140212_0754103 – On a positive note – snow for skiing this weekend is going to be insanely awesome.  …But – it’s also President’s Weekend, and the second largest ski weekend for our area.  You people better appreciate this snow you’re getting!

4 – My hair takes a serious beating in the winter.  It also grows slower than a snail’s pace.  For example – I cut my hair to chin length (post wedding day get rid of hair freak out) – almost 2 years ago.  It is just now longer than my shoulders.  Two.Years.  Between the ski helmet and the toboggans (winter hats, people), and the hair dryer, and then cold.cold.cold, my hair is pretty disastrous.  So Monday night I started googling treatments I could do for it.  The first few I found involved mayonnaise – and while I’ve done that before to get roofing tar out of my hair – there’s NO WAY I could slather my hair with mayo and not … vomit.  Then I found treatments using coconut oil which I adore.  So, I decided to give it a shot.    It went something like this:

  1. Found a tutorial.  Read the first few lines.  Got started.  Spoiler alert – always read the whole thing before starting.
  2. Brushed my hair out, lathered it with coconut oil (warming it in my hands as I went).  Brushed my hair out, and repeated the lathering until my hair looked like it was soaking wet because it was that greasy.
  3. Kept reading the tutorial and realized I should now put on a shower cap, which I didn’t have, so I chose the alternative of saran wrap on my head.  Have you ever tried to wrap your own head in saran wrap?  How about if your head is covered in slippery oil?  Pro Tip – buy a shower cap.  
  4. Read the tutorial some more and realized that I’m supposed to ‘for optimal results’ – leave this in overnight.  I thought…Well, this seems doable.  So, I put a towel over my pillow and took off the saran wrap, because – let’s face it – it fell off when I simply breathe, and went to sleep.
  5. Woke up – Tuesday morning – and figured most of the oil had probably soaked into my hair, and that my hair may even look close to normal.  Nope.  My hair still looked the same level of ‘soaking wet but not from water’ that it had the night before.  And then the panic set in.  I was obviously going to have to wash it.  But what if the oil didn’t come out?  How was I supposed to go to work?!
  6. I remembered from way-back-when-I-used-to working on cars that getting soap on before water helps to remove oil/grease.  Taking this panic-stricken-lead, I lathered my hair up with shampoo before stepping in the shower.  Then, I showered it off, and washed my hair a second time.  And…guess what?
  7. My hair looked freakin awesome.  Well, freakin awesome for my hair, at least.  It was also amazingly soft.  People kept complementing me on it all day.  And my scalp?  Way less dry.  I think I’ll try to do the coconut oil before my hair washings for the next few weeks (I’ve only been washing my hair every 3rd day trying to help it out a bit).

Shew.  So.  That’s what happens when you use coconut oil on your hair.  Awesome things.  

5 – Stand Up Desk Progress – I’ve still been standing – for over a week now.  On Monday morning I was exhausted, and standing didn’t feel super great.  My feet were also hurting, but I made it through the day.  The rest of the week has gone well – my feet really don’t hurt – and my back feels amazing.  I’m getting more used to standing.  At the end of last week I was having trouble staying focused on tasks, because – already standing – it was super easy to just wander down the hallway to see what my coworkers were doing, but this week I’ve worked on some big projects, and stayed focused, while standing.  I definitely don’t think I’d go back now.

6 – Tonight I made these Walnut & Cherry Chocolate Chip cookies in a miniature version and they crisped up super nicely and were divine. 

7 – For everyone who’s getting snow tonight – stay safe!! Well, I hope everyone else stays safe too 🙂 

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2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday : 02/13/2014

  1. My hair takes a real big beating in the winter as well, but coconut oil is definitely God’s gift to the world… especially since you can lick your fingers after you make yourself look like a greaseball 😉 Also, you can use a regular old plastic shopping bag and wrap it around your head instead of saran wrap — I’ve gone that route before and it works just fine!

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