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Thinking Out Loud : 01/16/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on January 16, 2014, 7 comments

When my brain is just totally over the week, Thursday rolls around and I can just Think Out Loud.  Seriously my favorite day of blogging (sorry other days of the week).  Hosted by the totally awesome Amanda.  Mega fun.


Number 1 is depressing so I thought I’d start you out with a nicer ‘GOOD MORNING’


1 – 1 year ago this week we were planning for this.


Nathan’s grandma’s funeral.  Her funeral was the second funeral we’d planned in 18 months.  Two funerals.  Two weddings.  We’ve learned a lot about death in the past two almost three years.  But mainly – Death can be beautiful.  Death sucks.  Time doesn’t heal wounds, it just makes you more adjusted to them.  And every single loss is vastly different.  We tried not to dwell on it too much this week – but I did think about her beautiful smile a few times.


2 – My birthday is SUNDAY!  This year we’re going for a mega-better-than-last-year-Birthday (reference number 1).  We’re planning a pretty easy going weekend of family time, and food (of course)…oh, and presents.  There will definitely be presents.  🙂

3 – I have an eye appointment today.  Which means…I’ll have super dilated pupils the rest of the day.  Awesome for computer work.

4 – Last weekend we went shopping – and went to IKEA just to look around (first mistake).  We ended up actually buying a lot of things – including a new set of cooking pots, which we desperately needed.  We had a good number of pots and lids – but no lids that matched pots. And no pots that matched the lids.  Nathan and I are just exiting the ‘acquire things randomly’ phase of our life – and our pots were definitely a product of that phase.  So – we bought a whole set of matching pots with matching lids.  That actually fit the pots.  Seriously.  What a novel concept.  Anyways.  I am basically in love with them.  Food that cooks evenly?  Pots that sit flat on the burner?! LIDS THAT CLOSE SECURELY.  It’s an amazing world out there.  🙂  Are you still in the ‘acquiring phase’?  Or have you started getting ‘real things’ for your home?

5 – Does anyone else wear headbands?  I’ve kind of re fallen in love with them over the past few weeks.  I found this tutorial on how to make wide ones, (which may say ‘child size’ but uhm – they fit me.  I do have a really small head) and this tutorial on how to make skinny ones.  Which do you like better?  Or do headbands make me look 6 years old?  I wouldn’t really mind being six years old right now.  Growing up is a total trap!

IMG_20140113_181025 IMG_20140114_075633

 6 – I got a new purse this week (early birthday present!).  I ordered it from Zulily a few weeks ago.  I’m a creature of habit when it comes to things like purses.  Once I find one that works, it’s hard for me to switch to something else.  For a really long time I’ve been carrying the Vera Bradley Hipster – (btw.  I only buy them when they’re on mega sale – because – yeah – poor).  I really enjoy the hipster, but was feeling adventurous and decided to try something new.  I went with a Timbuk2 Express Mini Shoulder Bag. ((If you follow that link, look at the pictures of the ‘real people holding the bag’ – Timbuk2 always does this, and tells you how tall the person is.  THE MAN HOLDING THE BAG is the funniest thing ever to me.  Every time I look at it I laugh, really hard)) So far, I’ve really been enjoying it.  The color (taupe/brown) isn’t as exciting as my Vera Bradley bags, but the polka dots on the inside are super cute.  Plus, I only paid 19.00 for it – which is a total steal.  I absolutely love Timbuk2 bags (we own a lot of them), so I’m not surprised that I like this one too.  I was afraid it would be a bit too sporty, but it really isn’t.  Plus, it holds everything.  Including my planner.  Which is a tall order.  (I don’t always carry my planner in it, it just happened to be in there when I went to take the pictures)


 7 – I read (somewhere) over the weekend (that I can’t find now) that during the Winter, we should be drinking as much water as we do during the Summer.  Now, this first seemed like a ‘duh’ statement, but then I thought about it – in the Summer I’m warm – and feel like I need a lot more water (which my body probably just needs! all the time!).  In the winter, since I’m cold, I don’t ‘feel’ as dehydrated – But my body still needs water!  I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort this week to drink more water.  Do you struggle with water-drinking in the winter?

8 – Socks.


9 – Again.  Birthday. This Weekend.  So Excited!

10 – I hope everyone has a fabulous day.  Tell me something awesome.  🙂

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7 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud : 01/16/2014

  1. Birthday Weeeeeeek! 😀 I hope you’ve been celebrating. And I do hope you have an awesome one… although I’ll to remember and tell you on Sunday too. Also… socks <3

    The winter water thing is a tough one for me as well. I definitely find it a struggle to drink enough, but it helps that I start to feel like absolute garbage when I don't. I've also taken to drinking out of a travel cup with a straw… seems to make it go down so much easier.

    • 🙂 🙂 Thank you!
      Socks are the greatest.
      Drinking out of a straw is the only way I can get enough!! I don’t really like drinking anything other than water – but it’s super easy for me to go long stretches without drinking anything, and then I feel terrible!
      I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I have to go to IKEA soon to furnish our new home. Okay, I don’t buy actual furniture from them but intend to buy some plain white plates and other accessories from them. Their stuff is cheap but doesn’t hold on for long.

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