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[What I Learned Friday] Week Ending 01/10/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on January 10, 2014, 5 comments

What I Learned Friday - Lessons from a new-ish blogger Jan 10 2014

If you’re new around here, each Friday I write up a handful of lessons I’ve learned in my blogging-world that week.  Thanks for stopping by!

      1. I LOVE connecting with new people, and I love the opportunities blogging gives me to make new friends.  Originally I started my blog for myself – to have a place to store my recipes that was easily accessible when I was at the store.  (lame, I know).  But now it’s turned into a place to meet – and grow – some awesome friendships, and to share the things I learn with the world – and I am super grateful for that.
      2. I would love to become an amazon affiliate, but my state, apparently doesn’t allow it.  I’m trying to find an alternative right now, but it doesn’t look like it will be with Amazon – which is a pretty big bummer.
      3. know I talked about this last week, but I am still majorly in love with Pinch Of Yum’s photography Ebook.  I had a chance to use some of the tips this week in a post you’ll see in a few weeks, and am amazed by the results. She does such a great job outlining simple changes that made a huge difference in my composure and my editing.  I really am seriously impressed.  Click here to visit Pinch of Yum.
      4. I made Three-Dollars-And-Thirty-Three-Cents on my blog in the month of December! (from the ads on the right panel).  I know it sounds like nothing – and it really is, but it’s nice to see something come back.  My blogging is totally not for money-making-purposes, by the way – I just am trying to find a way to supplement costs.
      5. I have some really exciting recipes coming in the next few weeks – so keep your eyes peeled!


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5 thoughts on “[What I Learned Friday] Week Ending 01/10/2014

  1. I feel like I’m super lame but I don’t know what an Amazon Affiliate is! However, it sounds awesome and I’m probably going to go google it right now. =)

    • I didn’t know either until a few weeks ago!! It’s where you have an amazon affiliate account and then when you recommend or link to Amazon products on your blog, you get a % of the purchase price if someone buys the item from your link. I knew it wouldn’t be much money, but it would be something 🙂 Apparently North Carolina isn’t a fan, though, because it’s one of 4 banned states!

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