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Thinking Out Loud : 01/09/2014

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on January 9, 2014, 6 comments

Each week Amanda [Running With Spoons] does an awesomely fun round up of random Thursday thoughts.  You should check out Amanda’s blog.  AND you should join us for Thinking Out Loud!


1 – I am really sorry if this sounds scourge-ish, but I’m incredibly glad the holidays are finally over.  I was really getting sick of the feeling that it was necessary to engage every single person I saw in conversation over the past month.  ‘I hope you have a great Christmas!’ ‘Did you have a great Christmas?’ ‘I hope you have a great New Years!’ ‘Did you have a great New Years?’.  I know!! that sounds so mean and anti social, but it just gets exhausting after a while.  Holidays that really focus on kids (aka – Santa, presents, etc) are also super-not-fun on the infertility front.  I tried not to pitty-party too much about it – but there are days that I really didn’t care what Santa was bringing for little Johnny.  Maybe Santa will bring me completed adoption paperwork.  Or a new uterus.  But guess what, he didn’t.  Wow.  Sorry.  That was angry.  I may end up deleting that.  We’ll see.

2 – Happier Thoughts. I want this to be my motto for this year.


3 – So this happened.


Did you catch that?  -103.1 degrees?  Yep.  Turns out it was actually an instrument malfunction because the wind was so high it overpowered the theomoeter.  But, still very cool.  Literally.  

4 – Can’t.Stop.Knitting.Hats.


5 – I’ve started living for a morning dose snack of this Maple Almond Butter.


6 – Dry Shampoo is my new friend.  I mentioned last week that my hair has some awesome volume when it hasn’t been washed for a few days.  Amanda commented, and told me I should try dry shampoo confession – I’d never even heard of it.  So – I bought some.  I wanted to try this kind, but they don’t sell it anywhere here in town.  I ordered some – but UPS is having ‘difficulties beyond their control’ – reference number 3 – And it hasn’t yet been delivered.but it just came yesterday so I haven’t gotten to try it yet.  I did pick up a small bottle of Biotera brand at Sally’s – which works well, but has an incredibly strong scent.  I also have tried – and really liked – a homemade version.  I took a tablespoon of corn starch, 1/4 teaspoon of cocoa and 1/4 a teaspoon of cinnamon, and mixed them up.  I’ve been applying it with a big makeup brush, and then brushing it through.  It seems to work best if I actually put it on the night before, and let it soak up all the oily grossness goodness while I sleep.  Not washing my hair for two days?  The most amazing thing ever.  Especially when it’s SO COLD.  Plus.  Volume rocks.

2014-01-08 16.38.46

7 – Did you know?


8 – Tuesday was my Dad’s 1/2 birthday six months before your real birthdayA tradition we started since my & my Mum’s birthdays are so close to Christmas.  …And everyone in the family forgot.  So Wednesday morning Dad sends a text:


Sorry, Dad! 🙂 

9 – My birthday is in 10 days. Rooting for awesome-ness.  …I need cake ideas.  Pronto.

10 – We just took the Christmas tree down this week.  Please tell me there are others.  We can’t be the only ones.  Oh.  And, for full disclosure, it’s still technically in the living room, but it’s boxed up (it’s a fake tree) and ready for storage.  The holidays just all blended together so quickly this year.  I still blame Thanksgiving.

11 – Speaking of holidays being over…This whole…working all 5 days of the work week isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  The holidays got me out of shape.

12 – I am super duper excited for my friend Alison’s little niece, Olivia, (who is a wee tiny baby born 45 days ago – 2 months premature) …because …she gets to go home today!  At birth, she was just at 1 pound – but she’s rocked it, and is doing great now! You can read more about her first few days on Alison’s blog.  Go Olivia, Go!  I wish I was less than 10,208 miles away, so I could give you a proper hug.  Love love love to you, little one. (photo by Alison).


What else is going on in everyone else’s world?  Anyone else have a birthday soon?  WHAT kind of cake should I make?! How’s the weather been around you?  What is your Christmas-Tree-Status?  Do you have any other dry shampoo suggestions?

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6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud : 01/09/2014

  1. Confession: I’m with you on being happy that the holidays are over. It’s nice to get back into a normal routine and eating a diet that isn’t solely made up of cookies and cake. Not that I’m against either, but it’s nice to be rid of the lingering sugar coma I had throughout the month of December. And I really need to get on this half-birthday train. I just celebrated my real birthday last weekend, and it SUCKS having it so close to the holidays. Not only because it’s freezing, but because people are dealing with post-holiday blues and no one wants to get super excited about it!

    • Yes. Sugar detox is commencing.
      Half birthdays are wonderful. We just do cake and dinner and singing (every other note of happy birthday) and..usually my Dad takes a birthday card and cuts it in half (and will use the other half for your next half birthday). We absolutely love it. It’s just something fun 🙂 I did try to convince Nathan that we do presents on half birthdays too when he first joined the family…but they told on me. 🙂
      Start planning now for your July half birthday!!!

  2. Oh the holidays made it hard to get back to work, but worst, to go back to my classes! I used to live in NC and the cold weather didn’t both me as much, but now I live in Southern California and ANYTIME it gets cold, I put on socks, sweaters, scarves, an hats.

    I had to use some dry shampoo because I did a semi-sweaty wake up workout this morning but didn’t want to shower twice when I lift later today… It’s okay. Nothing can replace a good shampoo, but that feeling of washing your hair after not washing it for 2 days is so refreshing!

    • Where we live in NC stays cold all winter – but geez, not cold like that!!!! I know if I ever moved somewhere warm I would lose my ability to handle the cold really quickly!!!
      I’ve become fond of the dry shampoo – but you’re right, when I do wash my hair it feels amazing!

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