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[What I Learned Friday] Week Ending 01/03/14

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on January 3, 2014, 6 comments

What I Learned Friday - Lessons from a New(ish) blogger 01.03.14If you’re new around here, each Friday I write up a handful of lessons I’ve learned in my blogging-world that week.  Thanks for stopping by!

      1. 2014?  Whoa.  When did that happen?
      2. Free Font downloads are REALLY fun, but really addicting.  When I started looking at other people’s photography, I really liked when they put text on their pictures, and I noticed that they oftentimes used fonts that seemed to ‘match’ the theme of the picture.  I wasn’t sure how they got so many amazing fonts, until I googled ‘free fonts for download’.  Wow.  There are TONS.  I’ve really had fun discovering new fonts.  I’ve pinned a lot to one of my pinterest boards if you want to check them out!
      3. Free Digital Downloads fall in to the same category as free fonts.  They’re something you totally didn’t realize you needed, until you started downloading them and now you can’t stop.  I haven’t been using them as much as I have the fonts, but they are a lot of fun.  Some that I really like (which you can find on the same pinterst board) are the washi tape downloads.  I haven’t used one yet, but they add a more..personal..touch to your pictures.
      4. Jetpack plugin for is great.  Jetpack allows you to ‘have’ a lot of the features that are used on  The main one that I like is the stats page, which I was so used to on  I also have enjoyed google analytic, but the jetpack just has such a familiar ‘feel’ to it.  I also like the ‘follow by email’ feature as well. More than anything it’s just made the learning curve a little less steep with some familiar ‘faces’ along the way 🙂
      5. The lighting in my house is terrible.  We get very little natural light, and even less this time of year.  We also have such a hodgepodge of lighting sources.  We have very few overhead lights, and the ones we have are insanely bright.  I have a light box made from a cardboard box (with the sides cutout) that Nathan made me when I first started my Etsy shop and needed to take pictures of my products.  It is nice – but is a bit small for kitchen-use.  We worked this weekend making a new light filter using this tutorial.  It seems to be working nicely – but I can update once I’ve used it more.
      6. [Bonus] [But really also to do with number 5] – Learning new photography tips are hard.  I’ve been reading up in some books that my brother got me for Christmas, but it’s a lot to absorb at once.  I also purchased a photography E-Book from Pinch of Yum – It’s an amazing resource to get your photos from ‘okay’ to ‘amazing’ in easy and understandable steps.  I look forward to trying out some more of the techniques, and reporting back!  In the meantime, you can check out the book for yourself!
      7. Click here to visit Pinch of Yum and to check out their awesome e-book!.

        I hope everyone has been enjoying this holiday season! I’ll see you next week – where things will get back onto a more ‘regular’ schedule! 

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6 thoughts on “[What I Learned Friday] Week Ending 01/03/14

  1. LOVE Pinch of Yum’s book — and even more because reading it totally inspires me to put more work into my photography. I’m thinking that I need to build myself a lightbox, though… I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home so that I can take advantage of the daylight hours, but sometimes it’s just not convenient to shoot during those times, so having a backup wouldn’t be a bad thing…

    • It has inspired me too. From the composure to the editing – it’s just. Wow. So many great ideas. AND I’m finally learning how to use photoshop (for real-like). Ahh daylight. What is that? I’m pretty sure my pictures haven’t seen it in forever. Totally jealous of your work from home. The lightbox linked is really simple and really useful – but I kind of made mine REALLY big. I’d suggest making it smaller, perhaps non-human-adult-sized. Unless you take pictures of food that is as big as an adult-sized-human. If so, I’m coming to dinner at your house. 🙂 Happy Friday!

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