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Thinking Out Loud : 12/26/13

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on December 26, 2013, 6 comments

I found Amanda’s blog [Running with Spoons] a few weeks ago, in a typical totally random google-like fashion.  And then I obsessively read it.  I think it’s pretty awesome because 1 – She’s from Canada.  2 – She’s hilarious.  3 – Canada.

One post Amanda does each week is ‘Thinking Out Loud Thursdays’ – which I read last week.  And then read the posts of everyone who linked back.  And then I decided I totally wanted to participate.  The only thing is.  It’s Monday.  So – I’m starting my Thursday thoughts today.  And I’ll finish them before on Thursday.


Amanda even made this super cute badge for us to use.  See – Canadians are super nice.  

1 – On Monday (and Tuesday and Wednesday) this week I wore these earrings.  Because, Christmas.

Thinking Out Loud : 12/26/13

Veronica (who is awesome.  and also from Canada.  I promise I don’t stalk Canadians) sent me these earrings.  

2 – I love winter because I get to wear boots I get to wear really awesome socks that normally wouldn’t be work appropriate but are covered up by my boots.

Thinking Out Loud : 12/26/13

3 – On Tuesday you got to see our Christmas picture.  But what you didn’t see were the (75) outtakes before we got one right.  Including this one.  Where I tried to convince Indy The Cat. that he wanted to be in the picture too.  Spoiler Alert : He didn’t want to be. 

Thinking Out Loud : 12/26/13

4 – Speaking of The Cat. We have finally realized that he does best if he gets his insulin and food at the same time, instead of food, and then insulin an hour later.  Which makes the hours of 6am – 7am and 6pm – 7pm a lot easier.  And it only took us 12 months to figure that one out.

5 – Again, The Cat.  (Thinking Out Loud about Cats Thursday).  Who typically approaches toys with an attitude of : ‘thank-you-for-the-expensive-toy-that-I-will-now-be-afraid-of-let-me-play-with-this-random-piece-of-plastic-I-dug-out-of-the-trash’, has taken an extreme liking to the cat-nip filled mice that Veronica sent him for Christmas.  But only on the stairs.  Because the stairs are a perfectly quiet place to play.  And only when this Monkey is nearby.  Which is from when he was a wee little kitten.  Maybe Canadian cat-nip is of higher quality?  Who knows.

Thinking Out Loud : 12/26/13

Speaking of The Monkey, it is going everywhere with him these days.  Seriously.

Thinking Out Loud : 12/26/13

6 – I, apparently, can not read a calendar.  I have been on ski patrol for nine ten seasons.  Each year in November, we sign up for the weekend days that we will work.  I specifically remember signing up for ‘the Friday after Christmas’ and ‘the Saturday after Christmas’ – not considering the fact that those days happen right after each other.  When I first started patrol I would often work multiple shifts in a weekend.  But that was 10 years ago.  And pre job.  And pre husband.  And pre ‘midnight blast weekends’.  And…10 years ago.  So, please forgive me as I fall off the internet for the weekend after Friday afternoon.

Thinking Out Loud : 12/26/13

Patrol photo…Circa 2005

7 – I just learned (for real) what the word Circa means like 2 weeks ago.  And now I want to use it everywhere (reference photo capture number 6).

8 – I really don’t like olives.  Do you like olives?

9 – Nathan and his brother each have these plane ornaments.  Each Christmas, from the day the tree went up until it came down, they would take turns putting constantly put their plane higher than the other’s plane.  Or they would hide the other person’s plane.  It got intense sometimes.  Last year my sister-in-law and I convinced the boys they should take the planes to their own trees, in their own houses, and all of Christmas has been much, much more civil.  Brothers :).  Promptly after posting this picture to Instagram, his brother messaged me and told me he’d pay me to move it to a lower branch.  

Thinking Out Loud : 12/26/13

10 – Yesterday (Christmas Round One – My Family) was wonderful! And exhausting.  Holidays are exhausting.  Round Two (Nathan’s Family) commences tonight.  But first…work.  Going back to work the day after Christmas feels strange.  Although I don’t know why.  I’ve worked many-a Christmas Eve’s and Days.  I think this work-week just being broken up into so many small pieces (Monday, Thursday, Friday) feels odd.  But, Christmas yesterday was awesome.  And Christmas tonight will be too 🙂

11 – On my way to work today I saw a pigeon (or, pigeon like  bird) carrying a bag of Cheetos.  He looked pretty dang happy.  Sorry, I didn’t get a picture of it 🙂

12 – Today was my first day wearing these mittens.  (I knitted them in June).  I’m pretty in love with the color of this yarn – which is terribly depicted by this phone-picture.  They’re so so so warm! 

Thinking Out Loud : 12/26/13

13 – I think those are all of my thoughts from this morning this week.  I hope everyone had a fabulously Merry Christmas, and I’ll see you tomorrow for What I Learned Friday!

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6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud : 12/26/13

  1. So I just stumbled across your blog, and the fact that you wear Christmas socks covered up by boots in the winter has convinced me we’re soulmates — I do the exact same thing! And the fact that you have moose (meeses?!?) on your socks just makes me love you that much more. Muah! You got yourself a new follower, miss! Also… Canada — which part are you from!?

    PS – I really don’t like olives either, but I covet those earrings of yours

    • Awe! I’ve super loved reading your blog lately 🙂 🙂
      Soulmates!! 🙂 🙂 The mooses/meeeeeses are some of my favorites.
      We aren’t from Canada [Super Sad Face], but we dream dream dream of living there someday. We honeymooned in Nova Scotia, and recently were in Toronto. We are currently in North Carolina – for a few more months while my husband finishes his masters degree.
      Yay for the ‘no olives/boots and socks/moose socks/Christmas earrings are awesome’ club. Now 2 members strong. 🙂

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