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[What I Learned Friday] Week Ending 12/20/13

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on December 20, 2013, 2 comments

[What I Learned Friday] Week Ending 12/20/13

  1. ‘Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day’ …and neither will this blog.  When I flipped the switch on the blog last week, I all of a sudden felt like I had to do everything at once.  Learn about advertisers.  Become an expert photographer.  Learn to write elegantly worded blog posts.  Etcetera, Etcetera.  All right now.  About half way though last week, I was completely overwhelmed.  I had to take two deep breaths and three steps back, and realize I was doing it.  And I could do it.  And that it would take time.
  2. Scheduling posts is my friend.  Scheduling posts for me is a two part game – first, I write them in my notebook, which I talked about last week.  I actually ended up printing some small monthly calendars, and taping them in the notebook, so I can keep a visual on when I’m thinking about posting what.  Then, when I actually get them written and finished, I type them here on the blog, and use the scheduling feature to have it automatically post them when I want them posted. [What I Learned Friday] Week Ending 12/20/13This keeps me from having to discover, prepare, post and promote all at once.  It does teach me some lessons in patience, and instant gratification, though.  Does knowing that the computer is the one that posts them take away any of the magic? 
  3. Late last week there was a wordpress update.  When you went to click up the update, it ‘highly suggested that you make a backup copy of your blog prior to installing the backup’.  Backup copy of my blog – that’s a great idea!  I had thought about a blog backup about 6 months ago in a panic 2am wake up of ‘what would happen if I lost all of my recipes’ because – confession – my blog is basically my own reference cookbook for cooking our meals at home. But, I obviously went back to sleep, and never had the thought again.  Then when I saw that last week, I figured I should definitely get a backup system, but I wasn’t so sure what to do.  I did some research, and settled, for now, on this backup plugin.  It is easy to set up, and seems to be working nicely.    
  4. I wanted a fun signature at the bottom of my posts.  I tried for a while to create one in photoshop, but I couldn’t get it exactly right.  I found this website, which creates a signature for you, using a variety of fonts and colors, and then gives you the HTML code to import it into your posts.  This tutorial was really helpful for setting up the code.  Once you have the code, you just paste it into your blog post on the ‘text’ tab at the top right of the post-content-entry-box.  When you switch back to the ‘visual’ tab, you should see the signature. [What I Learned Friday] Week Ending 12/20/13(please let me know if that doesn’t make sense!) I also started using a plugin called ‘Simple Post Templates‘ – and I created a post template that has the HTML code in it, so I can just pull the template up before I start my blog post, and my signature is there.
  5. Google analytic plugin is awesome for monitoring who comes to your site, and how they arrive.  I knew I wanted to use it, but I figured I could just set it up ‘when I got the chance’.  I did set it up in the middle of last week, and quickly realized that setting it up earlier would have been more beneficial, because the tracking only goes from the day you set it up forward.  Now, I know there wasn’t much traffic on my blog (and I can see it by the regular wordpress plugin for traffic monitoring) but it would have been more fun to watch it grow for the first week or so.

See you next Friday!

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2 thoughts on “[What I Learned Friday] Week Ending 12/20/13

    • Oh yay! I am so glad they’re helping you! I was just working on tomorrow’s thinking ‘I wonder if anyone will read these?!’ ..but I am so glad that you find it helpful! 🙂 A schedule has really helped me stay organized. Otherwise I feel frantic about deciding what to post!

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