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VlogTober Roll Call & Prompts

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on September 20, 2013, 29 comments

Whoa! WAIT A SECOND! It’s almost October?! When did this happen?! I feel like it was just…March a few days ago.  But, the signs are everywhere – temperatures are cooling off, daylight is getting shorter and shorter.  So it’s time for sweaters, boots, pumpkin spice lattes and VlogTober!

VlogTober?! What?!  As you know – because I constantly bombarded you with videos – I participated in VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) this year.  It was a BLAST.  And afterwards, I decided I wanted to take a (tiny) break, and then keep the fun going.  And what better way to do that than to celebrate Fall in a grand way with VlogTober!

What is VlogTober?  It’s basically a mega awesome celebration of fall.  Veronica and I have made 31 fall topics for you to celebrate with us!

You can participate in VlogTober in any way you would like – and you can find more information in the video below.  You can vlog (video blog) every day about each topic, or you can break the topics into clumps – weekly, every three days – whatever you’d like! Or! If you don’t feel comfortable vlogging, you can BLOG about each of the topics.

If you are new to vlogging – this is an AWESOME way to start!! I was brand new to vlogging (I had only done one video) when I started VEDA, and it totally got me out of my shell and made me LOVE vlogging.  The big thing that helps is having pre-made topics, so you don’t have to use up more creative thought for that part!  Daily vlogging is easier than you think – most days I just recorded on my phone and uploaded it directly to youtube from there, but you can FEEL FREE to get more creative with editing, etc!

VLOgTober Promptd

So here are your different paths:

1 – Vlog Every Day in October, each day on the prompt below!

2 – Vlog once a week, or twice a week, on the prompts below for that week!

3 – Blog about the topics – in whatever frequency you would like!

Here are the ‘ground rules’:

1 – If you’re going to participate in any way – leave a comment on THIS blog post with your youtube link OR your blog link

2 – Keep daily videos less than 5 minutes long (so everyone has time to watch them!)

3 – Keep clustered/weekly videos less than 10 minutes long (again, so everyone has time to watch them)

4 – Label your Vlogs or your Blogs with ‘VlogTober Day ___’ for daily vlogs, or ‘VlogTober Days ___ – ___’ for not-daily posts

5 – Subscribe on youtube to the people listed in the comments so everyone can see each other’s videos!

6 – Most importantly – be super duper supportive of EVERYONE! Especially those who are new to vlogging

7 –  Don’t stress.  If you miss a day, no biggie! If you don’t like a topic…skip that day, or talk about something else! My feelings won’t be hurt 🙂 Just make it fun!!

You can watch the video below to hear me ramble some more about how excited I am.  Then, you can read the topics below (which you should print, or bookmark this blog post so you can come back to them!) THEN! Leave a comment if you’re going to join us!!

I can’t wait to see all of your videos!!

Here are the prompts!

October 1 – Introduce yourself – Who are you? How do you spend your days? How long have you been vlogging?

October 2 – What is your favorite holiday? Tell us all about it!

October 3 – What is your favorite season? Tell us all about it!

October 4 – Fall is perfect for cuddling with a good book. Are you reading a good book right now? Tells us about it, or tell us about your favorite book!

October 5 – Is it getting darker earlier where you live? later? Take us outside on a stroll and show us your view of the moon/stars or a sunset or sunrise!

October 6 – Show us an Autumn Day In The Life

October 7 – Stitch fast, die warm.  Do you craft? Show us your handy work

October 8 – Fall is totally awesome.  But what do you miss about Summer as the weather starts to turn?

October 9 – Winter’s coming – have you ever been skiing or snowboarding?  Tell us all about it!

October 10 – How soon is too soon for the pumpkin ban-wagon?  Do you crack open an October-fest beer (if you’re of age 😉 ) the day they hit the shelves, or are you more of a ‘late October’ bloomer?

October 11 – Show us your favourite pair of socks or your favourite scarf.

October 12 – Are you superstitious? How do you feel about black cats?

October 13 – Have you put out fall (or spring!) decorations yet? Show us! Or tell us what you plan to do

October 14 – If you’re in Canada HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Tell us all about your family’s Thanksgiving.  If you’re not…tell us the food that most reminds you of fall.

October 15 – Pumpkin Lattes – yes or no?

October 16 – What is your favorite warm beverage?

October 17 – Time to snuggle up! Maybe you have a fireplace or a favourite blanket – show us how you warm up on a cold day.

October 18 – If you had to pick only one fall essential, what would it be?

October 19 – Do you have a favourite jacket? Show it to us!

October 20 – Spiders in Halloween decorations – awesome or totally creepy?

October 21 – Do you like scary movies?  Share your favorite.  If you don’t, tell us why

October 22 – Show us the weather where you live – is it still warm? Getting cold? Thawing for the spring?

October 23 – Give us a fall (or spring) tradition in your house (or a childhood tradition)

October 24 – OOTD – show us your outfit of the day

October 25 – Show us some color! If it’s fall where you are, show us some leaves, if it’s Spring, show us some flowers!

October 26 – Carve a pumpkin with us

October 27 – Cook with us – make us something fall-ish (or spring-ish)

October 28 – What is your favorite candy? (Or, what was your favorite as a child) Take us to the store and show us candy-maddness (the huge terrible bins of candy)

October 29 – Give us a sneak peak – show us what you (or your kids) are dressing up for on the 31st. Not joining the festivities? Show us an old picture from costume days of the past

October 30 – We’re so close to the end…what are your post VlogTober plans?

October 31 – Show us what trick or treating looks like at your house – or what your day is like, and tell us your favorite part of VlogTober!

**Users Participating as of 9/30/13

**You can add at any time! Just comment below! 🙂

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29 thoughts on “VlogTober Roll Call & Prompts

  1. I’ll give it a whirl too! I’m looking forward to it, but I really need to get my Youtube Capture app working. It keeps my videos in queue mode and won’t upload to Youtube! Ugh!!!


  2. This looks like fun 🙂 I may not be able to do it every day but I’d like to try anyway. Thanks for coming up with this Chelsea and Veronica 🙂

  3. Im late to the party. Include me in! Will prob do it a few times a week, since that is an option! I loved VEDA but mannnnn that was hard on certain days when life got in the way LOL

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