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Cornmeal Waffles [Vegan/Gluten Free/Oat Free]

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on September 7, 2013, 5 comments

Waffles are a pretty awesome breakfast anytime staple for us.  Before we changed our diet, we would eat Eggo or Kashi waffles every morning.  I remember walking to campus munching on a toasted waffle, or a waffle and peanut butter sandwich.  Once we started cutting out processed foods, we started to make them in huge batches on the weekends, and freezing them to pop in the toaster during the week.  In the summer I would throw in strawberries or blueberries, and in the winter nutmeg or pumpkin.

When we went [more] gluten free, it took some time for me to find a waffle recipe that would stand up well to freezing, and actually taste…waffle like.  I found this one earlier in the year, and really enjoyed it.  The only problem seemed to be the oats.  It took me a while to realize it, but they made me feel just as poorly as gluten [a common cross intolerance].  So, oats were out, and for a while it seemed waffles were too.  I tried a bunch of recipes, but the oats played such a crucial role in absorbing liquid and giving the waffles ‘fluff’ that nothing else seemed to do.

This afternoon, though, I was on Pinterest, and found this recipe by Minimalist Baker for Vegan Blue Cornmeal Waffles.  The title intrigued me – I’d never cooked with corn meal before until a few weeks ago when I made my pizza crust in the bread machine with corn meal.  I was pleased when I opened the recipe and saw there were no oats.  Already having corn meal on hand, I decided to give them a shot.  I made a few minor substitutions:

  • I used yellow corn meal instead of blue, simply because that’s what I had on hand
  • I added 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/2 a teaspoon nutmeg, but they were too nutmeg-y, next time I will do 1 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
  • I omitted the 1 tablespoon dry sugar (last ingredient listed)
  • I used my gluten free flour blend

They are were delicious, even with the over abundance of nutmeg.  The batter thickened as I stirred it, and I knew they’d be perfect.  When I opened the waffle iron I screamed ‘OH MY GOSH’ and Nathan came running in to see what was wrong.  I just kept pointing to the waffles saying ‘they’re perfect’.  And the taste – light, fluffy middle with just a slightly crispy shell.

I have found my new waffle recipe.  I am content.

Cornmeal Waffles [Vegan/Gluten Free/Oat Free]

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5 thoughts on “Cornmeal Waffles [Vegan/Gluten Free/Oat Free]

  1. I am making these for supper tonight. But, I am fixing a double batch because I want some to freeze for a quick breakfast in the mornings. Last time I made these waffles they were gone in no time flat!

    • I am soo glad you guys like them!!! We are actually making them tonight too-we left out the maple syrup & vanilla & spices and are going to eat them with tomato soup!!! Great minds think alike 🙂

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