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They Said it Would Rain + Banana Walnut Pancakes [Vegan/Gluten Free]

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on June 26, 2013, no comments

Today the weather forecast was something like this:

Banana Pancakes

We were really hoping to go on a hike today, but when I saw this forecast I was doubtful.  The hourly breakdown looked like it wouldn’t get bad until after 9am, so we decided to brave it, and headed out early.

And it didn’t rain. (except for a few sprinkles)

And it was a totally beautiful hike.

hikeIt also was a total testament to the power of nature.  We love this hike, and frequent it often, but with work being so busy insane, we haven’t been out since sometime in February.  The trail (Boone Fork, if you’re around here), is incredible.  The trail runs along a river, and through an old river bed – because of this, it is a deceivingly difficult 5 miles, and also a very fragile trail system.  A hard rain can turn it into a raging river, with nature reclaiming what is rightfully hers.  We had two major floods this early-spring, and they must have done a major number on the trail.  Today, as we descended in to the old river bed, we noticed the trail seemed … uhm, impassable.  It finally got to the point that we couldn’t go further, and we turned around.  When we did we found a detour sign…turns out the trail had been rerouted!  We had missed the detour sign because we were running through an exposed area during a brief rain shower.  As we rerouted down the new trail, we were in total awe of the power of nature.  The river bed, as we looked back up in to it, was completely collapsed down on itself.

So humbling.

There were two or three other places that the trail had, again, been completely rerouted.  Including this one:

hikeIt is sort of hard to see…but in the middle right edge of the picture you’ll see an orange blaze.  Yep.  That used to be the trail.

Well played nature, well played.

After hiking we took a well deserved nap.  It was lovely.  I am loving working long hour days and having days during the week off.  Man, I had missed 3 12’s!

Tonight for the second night in a row I made banana pancakes.  I am totally digging Rachel’s ‘Almonds and Avocados’ blog.  (She brought us the ‘Quinoa Pizza Crust’ the other day!).  Now I’m infatuated with her Banana Pancake recipe.  The only modification I made was that I ground up some walnuts (about 1.5 cups) in the mixer and added it to the batter.  I also made oat flour for the first time [uhm.  easiest. thing. ever.].  If you do have a severe gluten intolerance, please get certified gluten free oats!!!! Also know that many people with gluten allergies, also have an allergy to the protein in oats.  Luckily, they do not seem to bother me!

I layered my pancakes with peanut butter (as I always do…is that weird?!).  They also got the seal of approval from my husband – who is a self-proclaimed Banana-Walnut-Waffle-Expert.

Banana Walnut Pancakes [Vegan/Gluten Free]So, that was our day!  It was totally lovely!

What flavor pancakes do you like? Do you eat pancakes for dinner? I love brinner! (breakfast for dinner!)


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