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Ginger Orange Juice [Juice Recipe] & Saturday Perfection

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on May 4, 2013, one comment

The farmer’s market opened today, which was totally delightful.  And freezing cold.  In the 30s and misting rain!  We got some kale and green onions.  We also got to hang out with some good friends, which was also wonderful!fm sat

After the farmer’s market we were freezing, and decided to go to our favorite little restaurant for breakfast.  We got in right before the line started, and warmed up with some honey lemon ginger tea.melanies

After breakfast and a nap I worked for a few hours cleaning and tuning my old bike from high school.  As it gets warmer (well, this week apparently excluded) I start itching to ditch my car.  This year I’ve decided to add biking to the mix, because a bike commute gives me much more flexibility – especially if I need to run by the grocery on the way home.  So, I have gotten my old bike from my parent’s house and, for now at least, I think I will simply up fit it to meet my commuting needs. It needed a pretty major tune up, but now it seems to be riding like new! I’m excited to add a gear rack on the back, and hopefully some fenders, just to make it more commute – friendly.  I started a pinterest board with bike commuting stuff if you want to follow!bikes

After bike repair I made some juice!  Ginger Orange Juice to be exact!2013-05-04_16-08-07_795

Ginger Orange Juice [Juice Recipe]


  • Two oranges, peeled
  • 5 stalks of kale
  • A small knob of ginger I’ve found it juices best if you wrap it up in a piece of kale
  • One large carrot, ends chopped off

Make it:

In the juicer: put everything through, one piece at a time.  Drink.

In the vitamix or blender: blend all of the ingredients, adding water if necessary.  Strain through a cheese cloth, and drink the remaining juice

Yields a bit shy of 1 cup2013-05-04_16-19-38_254

So that was my basically perfect Saturday…How is your weekend going?


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One thought on “Ginger Orange Juice [Juice Recipe] & Saturday Perfection

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