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Homemade Face Wash

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on April 14, 2013, one comment

The path I am on is a journey towards healing.  And a journey I am truly only now beginning.  Because of this, there are still stretches where I simply don’t feel good.  Luckily, these stretches are getting shorter, and less intense.  But the past few days was one.  When they happen I try to identify triggers, to hopefully lessen the impact in the future.  There are a few triggers I can identify for this week:

  • I pushed outside – in the sun – time just a tad too far.  But it was the first warm week since October!
  • I exercised a lot Saturday – Wednesday. Which I can usually handle, but this week I think I over did it (the above mentioned sun did not help!)
  • Work is stressful right now.  50+ hour weeks.  Constant tension. Very unhealthy environment.
  • I started my period.

With all of the factors against me, I did eat incredibly well all week.  Even with multiple birthday celebrations! And I’m thankful for that, because I think it certainly shortened the blow.  I knew I had over done it Thursday morning when I woke up.  And things just continued to hurt from there.  I just hurt, all over.  And I had a massive headache. Friday was a bit better – because the headache was gone, but I was truly exhausted.  Yesterday I was feeling much better, but took it easy.  Because jumping back into the game too quickly is my biggest enemy.  The worst part about the stretches of not feeling well is that I have zero appetite.  Food tastes horrible.  Which is just a vicious cycle in and of itself – because if I don’t eat, I have no fuel. 

So, needless to say, not much cooking has gone on this weekend.  Today I’m feeling much better, and planning to make some goodies for this afternoon’s second round of birthday celebrations with Nathan’s family.

And I’m boosting my nutrients with a packed green smoothie  filled with kale, avocado, walnuts, grapes and mango.


In my ‘not feeling like eating’ stage this weekend, I did restock our face wash.  Or if you’re my husband, face-body-and-hair-shave wash.  I have used a million face washes – expensive and cheap – and this is the awsomeist most awesome of them all.  It’s super mild, and yet mega powerful.  And all natural! Have you priced all natural face wash these days?! Geez! The chamomile tea is a wonderful anti-inflammatory! I even use it on sore feet after running! I also love knowing everything that’s in it, and knowing the ingredients are vegan and gluten free.  Did you know that if you have serious gluten sensitivities you should not use body products that contain gluten, either?

I can’t for the life of me remember where I first found this recipe.  Sorry!  And the recipe itself doesn’t lend any clues…


Mega Easy Homemade Face Wash

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  • ¼ cup liquid soap
  • ¼ cup chamomile tea brewed extra strong
  • ¾ teaspoon oil (olive or other of your choice)
  • Optional – add essential oils for extra awesomeness I have mega sensitive face-skin so I omit these. Please always patch test them on your skin before using in large amounts!

1 – Boil a big cup of chamomile tea (extra strong – 4 tea bags).  I let it steep until the water is room temperature.  But I usually store it somewhere funny – like in the microwave – while it’s cooling – to avert curious kitty.

2013-04-14_09-04-37_7552 – Measure out your soap and oil of choice.  Add a few drops of essential oils, if desired.  We use Dr. Bronners unscented soap, and olive oil.

2013-04-14_09-02-31_2523 – Once the tea cools, add it to the soap and oil, and stir well.  We store ours in an old, rinsed out, pump bottle.  Shake before use.  It is most effective for the first two weeks.  It’s fine to use after that point, I just find sometimes if my face is breaking out, a new batch will solve the problem.

2013-04-14_09-05-23_32*We double the batch when we make it, because my husband loves it as a body wash I do too! As well as a shampoo and shaving lotion.  But, if we were only using it as face wash, I wouldn’t double it.

What make-at-home beauty products have you tried?  I’d love to hear about them!


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