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Quick ‘Nacho Cheese’ Sauce

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on April 8, 2013, 8 comments

Spring is continuing to tempt us with beautiful, warm afternoons. I have been clinging to it, white knuckled, knowing any second it may slip from my fingertips and back into the vast and fire filled depths of true mountain spring weather.

After 8 12 hours cooped up in a windowless room today, I took full advantage of the warm weather and went on a walk with a friend from work.

When I got home, I was craving something creamy for dinner.  This texture craving has been a hard one since I gave up cheese.  Racking my ‘mental pinterest board’, I remembered this recipe by Brittany Angell.  (who has a truly awesome  collection of glutenfree/eggfree/sugarfree recipes!).  

The only modifications  I make to the recipe are as follows:

  •  I use gluten free soy sauce instead of the salt
  • I only use a small spoon full of butter (earth balance)
  • And I add about a cup of salsa and sometimes some black beans

I use this recipe as a nacho sauce.  Tonight I sprinkled some corn tortillas with garlic and onion powders and toasted them in the oven for ‘chips’.


Perfectly hit the spot!

*It also refrigerates well, for a couple of days, or keeps in the freezer well too!

Are you enjoying the beautiful spring weather?!


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8 thoughts on “Quick ‘Nacho Cheese’ Sauce

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  6. Okay, this is even better than I expected. I love Brittany Angell’s recipes. Good idea to add in the salsa and soy sauce too. Growing up we always mixed a jar of queso dip and salsa together for our chips.

    Have you ever seen Oh She Glow’s blog? She has an amazing butternut squash cheezy sauce recipe that I like to modify and pair with homemade chili and chips for a Chili, Chips and Cheeze meal for my family: Nutritional yeast is incredible. 🙂
    Madison @ Eating for Balance recently posted…Grain-Free Cini-MinisMy Profile

    • I used to have queso and salsa all the time too!
      This cheese sauce is the best! I love Brittany Angell AND oh she glows!! I’ve made her butternut squash recipe a few times but never thought to add salsa – what a great idea!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 🙂

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