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Walking to Work.

by Chelsea @ Make Real Food on August 27, 2012, 2 comments

Since we moved (23 days ago) I’ve been walking to (and home from) work.  It is about 1.8 miles each way, and takes me about 25-30 minutes (usually 27, to be exact).  The first week or so I spent the walk adjusting – getting used to what bag was best to carry, what route was best to take, and how long the walk took at different paces.

About half way through last week the walk became ‘routine’, and I began to be able to spend the time thinking, instead of concentrating on the logistics.

At first I did not believe I would be able to ‘think’ that early in the morning, or that late in the afternoon.  But it turns out that it is a wonderful time for reflection, or for spending time talking to friends! (Two of my work buddies have joined me on various walks!).

Amazingly, when I start my day walking, I find myself completely ready to start, mentally, when I get to work.  In the past it seemed to take me about ½ an hour of ‘squirming’ to get ready to work.  Now, it’s rather automatic.  Except for Mondays, for which there seems to be no cure.

The walks also make me seem powerful – which was an interesting side effect, since I thought I would feel powerless without a car to zip off in if need be.  But, quite the opposite, I feel a great power in being able to propel myself to and from places I need to go.  An independence from the norm, from the car, and from roads.  Except for sidewalks.  I’ve become quite fond of sidewalks.

And you just can’t beat morning views like this…


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2 thoughts on “Walking to Work.

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